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WHAT’S NEW? Happy Independence Day!

Tomorrow signifies the celebration of the 4th of July or Independence Day here in the United States.  It dates back to the 18th Century and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain,  Now, did you know that the historic document was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin?  Interestingly, two of these fellows John Adams and Thomas Jefferson signed the documents only to later serve as Presidents of the United States, they also died on the same day July 4th, 1826.  Now that is some interesting fact!

Traditionally, Independence Day is a federal holiday full of picnics and BBQ’s, Fireworks and patriotic song. I plan to enjoy the calmness of my independence tomorrow and perhaps enjoy some time in the garden. How about you?

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Guatemala: Unconditional Love in Action 
October 19th – 29th, 2019 

Do the fabled tales of King Arthur and Guinevere ever give you a fleeting sense of something more than just a story? Does your soul yearn to uncover the power of sacred sites to help you reclaim your deep-rooted truth as a woman?

More than just absorbing a history lesson and hopping around sacred sites, be prepared to step into magical heart living as you go deep into the energy in an unforgettable, experiential Faery Light way.

Learn to interact with the land to restore your wild power, commune with its Faery spirits to unlock the Mystery of who YOU are and co-create the dream of Avalon in your heart once again to awaken magical living in your daily world

If you’re a healer, lightworker or conscious Earth lovin’ woman who’s ready to step into your soul’s purpose, live magically and powerfully in the world, then join Diomira D’Agostino for a soul-shaking, life invigorating Faery Light retreat in Glastonbury and Cornwall, England

Trip Tuition: $3,795 USD double occupancy

Details for Guatemala

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NEPAL: Discover the Peace Within
October 29th – November 7th, 2019

Join Sharee James for this heart-centered tour and retreat exploring the best of authentic Nepalese and Tibetan culture and Himalayan spiritual traditions. This unique package combines yoga and meditation with guided cultural tours, enlightening workshops and unforgettable scenery. Now it is your turn to follow this callingare you ready to heed this call and join us on this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Himalayas of Nepal?

You’ll experience being surrounded by stunning vistas throughout the retreat, plus we will take an early morning trip to the top of Sarangkot mountain to view one of the most incredible spectacles in the world: the sun rising over the Himalayas!

Some of the other wonderful highlights are: Fascinating guided tours exploring Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples, medieval royal squares, as well as hiking to a local village and a visit to a local school, workshops on yogic philosophy and Eastern spirituality to help you release the mental chatter and negative attachments in your mind and bring peace and harmony into your daily life AND a very special lesson with a 4th generation Tibetan sound healer on using Tibetan Singing bowls for healing and meditation!

Trip Tuition:  $3195 USD based on double occupancy – most meals included.

Details for Nepal

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On our spiritual path we’re so used to hearing certain aphorism’s – we teach ‘em and we preach ‘em: We create our realityWe become what we thinkThoughts become thingsWe’re all one, and so on. Sometimes I get bored hearing them come out of my own mouth!

It’s so important to go beyond simply agreeing with these pithy spiritual sayings and put them into practice so we can move beyond our unhealthy habitual mental behaviors.I know for myself, that my spiritual path has been a process of moving past my mind’s addiction to judgment (whether it is positive or negative). As humans we are so attached to perceiving and categorizing everything we see and experience – it can be a challenge to break that habit.

But when we come to realize that all we are doing is dividing and cutting up the world into a billion pieces simply for the security of putting everything into boxes so we can feel safe – it behooves us to take action!

All judgment does is divide, sub-divide and further divide our experience of life – duality to the 1000th degree. We can preach all day about the oneness of all life and meditate on “good” thoughts and affirmations. But if we do not have awareness of our mental addiction to judgment we’ll never find peace or experience the oneness that is ever-present. Everytime we say that something is good, or not good – right or wrong, we create them and us, here and there, a hierarchy of life that is not truth and we suffer that judgment. Doing so makes it possible for us to create enemies, people to blame things on, and be afraid of.

Let’s say you decide that your divorce is bad and then 5 years in the future realize it was the best thing that ever happened to you. How can something that is bad become good? The truth is that it was never good or bad – it was always life, the process of ever-expanding-consciousness expressing through you. Choosing to judge the divorce as horrible can only make you feel emotionally down, just like choosing to judge it as good can only bring false happiness.

We crave certainty so fiercely that we are willing to place a label on everything unfolding in our lives, even if that label is not necessarily truth. Why not acknowledge our addiction to judgment, safety and separation – and choose to simply say instead: “It is what it is?” If we believe in the “what is,” we’ll never feel emotionally bad or falsely happy – we’ll feel peace which is the result of perceiving without judgment.

Ask yourself: Are you ready to move beyond the desire to divide your experience of life into millions of pieces? Do you have the heart to create peace in your own mind and then project that peace into the greater reality? Are you willing to make the choice to trade safety for uncertainty and freedom? Is it your time to put all those pithy statements to the test? When will it become worth it to you to let go of judgment and how much pain and suffering will you endure until you do so? Are you ready to transcend your own thinking and rigid points of view?

I can’t answer these questions for you. Only you can decide whether it’s worth it for you. But for me – I can say absolutely YES IT IS! I encourage you to take this challenge – stop cutting the world up into pieces even for one day and see what happens. Maybe, you too will experience that oneness that is ever present beyond the illusion of duality.

With all my love! Sheri

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