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WHAT’S NEW? Why the Moon is New of Course!

This past Friday August 30th marked the completion of a lunar phase, also called the New Moon. It is a representation of the beginning of a new lunar cycle and it is symbolic of new beginnings.  It is a time where you will see and hear of many New Moon ceremonies to call on the energy of the new moon to achieve your goals and start on new things.  Some people use this time as a time of reflection to see how far they have come and make adjustments where needed.

Astronomically speaking the New Moon is when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are aligned, technically known as Syzygy.

Meghan and I conducted a New Moon Ceremony yesterday with a gathering of folks online to help them bring their goals and dreams to fruitition. I have to say it was a momentous occasion and I am really feeling the positive energy from our tribe as we move forward into new and exciting times ahead.

I hope that you all achieve your goals this lunar phase!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Restore, Ignite, Envision
Bali, Indonesia
September 13th – 27th, 2019

Are you a woman who feels lost and confused? Are you in the face of a major life transition and ready to create your next chapter from a place of clarity and passion? Then you MUST join us in Bali.  

Wouldn’t it be exciting to find out who you are now and what’s important to you, after all those years dedicated to motherhood? marriage? your job? 
Of course it would and that is what this retreat is all about! Through my powerful 3-step visioning process you will discover what your deepest desires are and how to get into action to making these a reality in your life, combined with daily yoga that will help you embody these desires. You will leave Bali knowing exactly what you want next in your life and the steps to creating this!

Reconnect with your body through daily yoga and learn to feel confident in your own skin and enjoy the amazing gifts your body has given you. Engage in deep spiritual practices to discover the part of you that has always known the truth about who you are. That you are whole and worthy.  Become clear about what brings you happiness and design a plan that will have you living your next chapter with enthusiasm and JOY!

Trip Tuition:  $4497 USD based on double occupancy, $5647 USD Single Occupancy 

Details for Bali

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Guatemala: Unconditional Love in Action
October 19th – 29th, 2019

With its dramatic, volcano-studded horizons, lush forests and cobblestone streets, Guatemala is an iconic destination for anyone craving beauty, culture and spirit.Our service activities will range from village fresh water initiatives, to classroom educational support and other community needs.

In 2017 Kaleidoscope proudly joined forces with its founders Candalaria and Gregorio Garcia to deliver more than one hundred – 5 gallon fresh water filter dispensaries to 100 Guatemalan village families. These families are committed and enrolled in ongoing literacy classes both for adults and children.

Join Rev. David Ault for a special journey to Lake Atitlan to enjoy the magic of the lake and to be in service to the wonderful local people.

This is a very beautiful journey of the heart and if you like to give back I would not miss it!

Trip tuition: $2,925 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy supplement: $885 USD.

Details for Guatemala

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One of humanity’s biggest fears is that of confrontation. So often when feeling like someone is in our face, we don’t speak our feelings  and then we’re angry afterward. Our anger can then manifest as passive-aggressive behavior. But truly it’s not about dealing with our behavior or learning to speak up that’s the underlying issue – it’s what we believe about confrontation.

Impeccability of the word is the key to creating a beautiful and healthy life dream. So it behooves us to look at the word confrontation since we create our reality with the word. A common definition is: An open conflict of opposing ideas, forces, creeds, etc. When we feel like someone is raising their voice to us, disagreeing with us, getting angry or doing their best to make us feel small – we call that confrontation.

Now let’s look at the word conversation. A common definition is: An interchange of thoughts, information, etc., by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk. Here we are referring to an exchange of ideas, it doesn’t matter if they are opposing or not – as this definition implies that the communication is non-aggressive.

What makes conversation aggressive is our attachment to concepts. When we believe that we’re right and we’re willing defend our beliefs, thought forms, points of views and opinions to the point of anger – that’s mental slavery. We’re being ruled by what we believe and anything that doesn’t align with what we believe frightens us. The structure of our ego-mind is shaking and we’ll do anything to protect that structure.

George Barnard Shaw once said; Our ideals like the Gods of old, are constantly demanding sacrifices. Shaw’s got a good point – as soon as you start to defend your point of view you are at war. Of course concepts cannot fight a war, only humans can, and they’re the ones who are going to be sacrificed. It’s scary to think the mind can be so attached to its beliefs that it will project its anger out at others and even harm them to protect those concepts!

Human consciousness expands when we share ideas without attachment. People die when we want to be right and protect our ego mind’s structure. When someone starts arguing with you, understand that there’s no confrontation at all – you’re simply dealing with a frightened person projecting anger, it has nothing to do with you. Confrontation can only occur when two sets of ideals are in conflict. When you no longer need to defend your mental structure the whole concept of confrontation no longer is truth.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t express your point of view in life. I am only suggesting that you share it without attachment knowing that there is nothing to be afraid of if someone does not agree with you. Have compassion for the person who is making him or herself ill defending a concept that they are so attached to. Speak your peace, detach and let go.

Truly, there is only conversation, and it is up to you to create that reality based on where you place your faith. It’s your choice – you can put your faith in conversation and uphold the expansion of consciousness or you can put your faith in confrontation and the conflict of rigidly held beliefs and points of view that you are too scared of detaching from. I don’t know about you, but I know where I’m placing my faith!

With All my love & blessings. Sheri Rosenthal 


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