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WHAT’S NEW? Conscious Parenting!

Do you yell at your kids more often than you’d like? Many parents do and my guess is that you’d love to stop yelling and keep your cool with your kids instead.

Toni SchuttaMy friend and colleague, Toni Schutta, has been helping families reduce yelling for 19 years and she has a proven system for helping parents (and kids) reduce anger, arguing and fighting.

Toni’s known as “The Parent Coach who Gets Results” and she’s offering a free online training this week called, “From Anger to Calm: 3 Secrets for Creating a Peaceful Family.”

Yelling is the number one source of a parent’s guilt! You yell at your child and your child feels bad. Then you feel lousy, guilty, and full of remorse. Sometimes your child yells back and then the fireworks really get started.

Toni has worked with thousands of families in the last 19 years and helped each and every parent reduce the number of times they yell at their kids to once a week or less. Wouldn’t that feel great?

All you have to do is register now for Toni’s free online training, “From Anger to Calm: 3 Secrets for Creating a Peaceful Family” so you can start 2014 feeling great about your parenting. (I wish my family had this when I was growing up!)

It’s happening TODAY and tomorrow so save your spot NOW!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Light the Fire of Transformation Holistic Video Summit!
January 8 – 17th, 2014

Light The Fire

My good friends Jessica Li (Raw Food Chef & Personal Trainer) and Mariko Hirakawa (Yoga Master & Ayurvedic Expert) are offering something they have never before – a FREE 10-day virtual training from January 8 – 17th, 2014 ALL about improving your physical, mental and emotional well-being at the highest level so you can live your purpose joyfully. It’s called Light the Fire of Transformation Holistic Video Summit!

I am super-excited to be a part of this awesome online event, and to share my knowledge and my expertise with you, along with other top holistic experts from around the world!

–> Register and get the details here: Light the Fire

Together let’s make this THE Breakthrough Year of our lives! Looking forward to seeing you there.


PS: INSTANT BONUS: When you grab your seat today you will have immediate access to valuable free gifts that will support you on your path.

PSS: Please share this email with a friend who could improve their health or could use free teachings from health coaches in areas such as fitness, nutrition, relationships, traveler’s health, and a whole lot more!

Details here: Light the Fire

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Blessings of the Wild Dolphins: Bimini, Caribbean
June 15-20th, 2014

Wild Bimini dolphin

Join teacher and author Brandt Morgan for a truly touching spiritual journey of the heart to the Caribbean Island of Bimini for an intimate experience with the wild spotted dolphins. During our time with the dolphins you will have the opportunity to open your heart and practice unconditional love and acceptance, for these marvelous creatures and for yourself.

These are wild dolphins and when we approach their pods they make the choice to come and join, swim and connect with us. Connecting with their wondrous spirits can be a profoundly moving, deeply healing and life altering experience. Their immense peace, joy and playfulness will touch your heart and awaken your spirit to the magic of your own magnificence.

This is a very profound and heartfelt trip – meant to encourage you to merge with the dolphins and spark your playful spirit in a safe and loving atmosphere. There’ll be plenty of time for swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling the reefs, meditating, group class, group discussion, swimming, journaling, resting, and sharing. Join for this magical adventure!

Trip tuition: $2399 USD per person double occupancy, all meals. Details for Bimini here!

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Tibetan Wisdom With a Feminine Twist…

“The world will be saved by the Western woman”
~ The Dalai Lama

ladakh women

In the world of Tibetan Buddhism, if you dig deep, you will find a belief that women are considered to be a lesser rebirth. In other words the only way to truly attain liberation or enlightenment is in a man’s body.

Gautama Buddha or Siddhartha, who is the founder of Buddhism, strongly resisted his aunt becoming his first nun. Some say this was due to the fact that he believed the monks would just have the nuns running around after them doing their cooking and cleaning. And if we consider this particular Buddha was alive circa 600BC or maybe even earlier, he definitely had a point wouldn’t you agree?

However I feel the later belief of women being a lesser rebirth was a man-made confusion, which evolved after Buddha’s initial timely concerns. Thankfully things have come a long way for women now – especially in the West. We have a lot more freedom although there is still work to be done. And I believe that is why the Dalai Lama said the world will be saved by the Western woman.

Ladekh Himalayas

We’ve not any better than our Eastern sisters, we simply have more freedom and therefore have more influence. In addition, taking the next step, we know that we’re all equal – all women and all men.  The masculine and the feminine are like day and night. We need both. But unfortunately we have been without true equality for so long and it manifests in how badly we treat our mother earth.

But knowing this, I couldn’t sit with this seemingly patriarchal belief in Tibetan Buddhism – so I set off on a mission to find a female master to explore this with. I came across an incredible Western woman living in India, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo.

Originally from the East London she now runs a nunnery where she is totally devoted to reviving the female yogini in Tibetan Buddhism. On top of that – her personal goal is to become the first enlightened female master whom upon death returns back to earth to help everyone else achieve the same. This is what is known as a Bodhisattva.

Ladakh Festival

As luck would have it – or rather the magic of India willed it, I managed to get a one-hour private audience with her to explore my burning question around women in Buddhism.

Her response was that even in a group of women, some things that work for one, don’t necessarily work for another. That there are no specific methods that suit just the feminine or the masculine and it is my job to check what works for me as an individual, in everything that I am taught. Those words brought me great peace.

For ultimately whether we are in a female body or a male body we have free will. We have discernment. We can sense if something is right or wrong for us and hopefully have the courage to enact upon that despite what may be going on around us.

And if we embrace that, each and everyone of us, men and women, brother and sister, husband and wife, we might…we just might get to save our feminine planet before she is all but destroyed. For after all, the microcosm has the power to affect the macrocosm right?

Om Tara Toh Tara Ture Soha

Blessings & Love, Lisa Tully

Join Lisa Tully for her special journey designed to explore the local spiritual and mystical traditions of the Tibetan and Ladakhi people. During this unusual adventure you will attend two winter festivals of the oracles, the Stok Guru Tsechu festival and Matho Nagrang Festival – as well as attending a local shamanic session with a female lay oracle (where you’ll have the opportunity for personal healing). Details: Mystics, Oracles & Shamans of Ladakh – March 6-19th, 2014.


Lisa Tully & monks

Lisa is your gracious tour host – her background is Irish and her travels to India first began when she was 21. Her spiritual journey began over 10 years ago and she is now a practicing Tibetan Buddhist having sought refuge with the Dalai Lama in his hometown of McLeod Ganj, India.

When she is not running tours in India she spends as much time as possible there on personal retreat and attending Buddhist teachings and initiations to further her own personal practice.

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Travel to Ladakh

Mystics, Oracles & Shamans of Ladakh
Ladakh, India
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
Mar 6-19th, 2014

Maui, Hawaii

The Enliven + Energize Women’s Retreat
Maui, Hawaii
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal and Deborah Kagan
March 18-23rd, 2014

Sedona, Az

A Week of Sacred Renewal
Sedona, AZ
Trip Leader: Susan Gregg
March 29-April 5, 2014


Machu Picchu, Peru

Dream You 2.0!
Peru – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Laura Pirie + Luca DiMatteo + Russ Jones + Jorge Luis Delgado
April 22-May 1, 2014



Highlands and Mystical Islands
Scotland – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Glenn + Cameron Broughton
May 11-18th, 2014

Sacred Britain

A Women’s Journey to Avalon
Sacred Britain – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Cameron Broughton
May 29-June 6th, 2014


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