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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? How are you nourishing yourself?

Tantric Shamanism Retreat Mar de Jade

Just like you, I am often challenged to find enough time to get my work done and to give myself the nourishment I need. By that I don’t mean food alone even though eating well is certainly part of what I am talking about. It is important to make the time to play, meditate, come into sacred circle, and explore the world beyond our own backyard.

That said, I want to share the perfect opportunity with you to have you feeling ready to challenge your world in 2012! March 3-10th, shaman and author Ernesto Ortiz has a fabulous Trance Dance, paint with your feet, plant medicine, lovely beach, yummy food, celebrate life retreat at the lovely Mar De Jade resort in Mexico. If this trip doesn’t fill your soul I don’t know what will!

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Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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St Pete, Florida: Keep your calendars open March 23-24th!

Jolt! Get Clear, Get Free & Get Going!

Join Sheri, Rev Temple Hayes, & Chandra Alexandra for an amazing Friday night and Saturday workshop filled with fun, music and transformation! More details to come!

The Perfect Gift for the New Year – A Personal Intensive!

You know you’re a good person and deserve the best in life.
And you know that life shouldn’t have to be so difficult.
But even though you know that deep in your heart, do you still

  • Wake up wondering whose life you’re living?
  • Feel like you’re lacking clarity?
  • Find yourself short-tempered, frustrated or unhappy?
  • Wish your relationships were more supportive and loving?
  • Want to forgive and move on, but can’t?
  • Crave freedom from your own life and mind?

Sheri RosenthalAre you ready to break out of the box you call reality and start the new year with a totally different point of view? If so – join me for a Personal Intensive in St Pete, FL.

It’s a powerful experience and is a great way to jump-start your life. In my experience, the root of most people’s issues is a belief system that is sabotaging their life – rather than supporting it.

Imagine what life could be like if you were calm and centered no matter what situation you faced in life, rather than emotional and unclear. What if you no longer took people’s actions personally? Or if forgiveness came easy to you? Or even if you never got in another argument for the rest of your life?! Believe me – it is possible.

Sheri, how will I benefit? You’ll learn to…

  • Take positive action in life – regardless of anxiety or fear.
  • No longer feel victimized by the people in your life.
  • Deal with people openly, without taking their actions and words to heart.
  • Let go of the burdens of the past, forgive and move on with gratitude and joy.
  • Reclaim your self-esteem and greater life purpose.
  • Replace anger with focused clarity.
  • No longer fear confrontation, or be a doormat for others.
  • Come to a place of self-acceptance, no matter what actions you took in the past.
  • Clearly identify your limiting beliefs, their origin and true purpose – empowering you to make healthier life choices.
  • Utilize specific tools to help you live courageously, boldly, and with your head held high.

Basically you can do one hour sessions once a month for a year (like in therapy), or you could invest ~12 hours over 3 days and have the time to deeply work through what you need to without the clock interrupting you. That is extremely significant. Who wants to take a year to resolve something that can be dealt with in one weekend?

Email me directly with several dates that you feel would work for you and your application. I’d be happy to chat with you for ~20 minutes about what you want to accomplish and how I can help!

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10 Tips for Soul*Full Self-Love!

life is about choices

I’m all about the idea of kindness. I say idea on purpose here because for me, it’s not until I have backed into a corner of self-deprecation, that I even consider kindness as an option toward myself. The funny thing about this – is that I’m a very strong advocate towards the importance of respecting every human. Respecting the differences. Acknowledging the strengths. Moving more toward connection than judgment.

And yet, as I write this, I can see how there is a disconnect, starting right here with yours truly. I’ll be kind when I weigh 10 less pounds on the scale. I’ll be nice when I finally get into the smaller pair of jeans – you know, the ones I wore a few months ago before I allowed myself to go crazy in the sugar, wheat, dairy aisles. I’ll be compassionate when I finally “arrive.” I’ll let go of that mistake I made when I can fix it by being even better next time, aka: perfect.

I must say, looking at the way I treat myself as I write this article exhausts me. I mean really! I’m the girl who doesn’t put up with any BS from anyone! EVER. Yet here I am staring at the truth of how I speak to myself! What’s a person to do?

Well, I actually do know what to do and I want to pass on my favorite tips for those of you who relate to the paragraphs above 🙂 :

1. Admit it. Write it out, look yourself in the mirror, whatever works. Just see it and acknowledge it.

2. Create a kindness ritual. For me this is best done with a fire ceremony. And no – I’m not talking about lighting your hair on fire! I mean, writing those things down that you say to yourself that are all lies and filled with hatred. Light a match under them and toss them into the fireplace.

3. Start taking photos of all the things you love about yourself and your life. This will slow you down and make you notice all the amazing things that You ARE, and that you have surrounded yourself with. This is a visual gratitude list.

Trust & Respect

4. Take contrary actions. Stop believing yourself. You are not your thoughts – they are separate from you. They are trying to “help” you but doing a horrible job at it. Fire your thoughts. Hire new thoughts in their place. The old thoughts will be mad and get louder. But just remember to detach from them and hire new loving thoughts instead.

5. Help others. I know, I know! You’ve heard this one before. But it is SO SO true. Try it on for size and let me know if it doesn’t do the trick. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself what it is you can do to help others that day. Getting past your own self-defeating thoughts, to help someone who is REALLY in need = healing for both of you.

6. Make a concrete decision. Just decide that you no longer will treat yourself that way. Period. Put the mean gene down. It’s not really who you are. And you know it.

7. Treat yourself like royalty. It’s easy to live and think small when you’ve been practicing it for so long. Flip it on its head. I don’t mean go shop for diamonds, or yell “off with his head!” I mean treat yourself with loving kindness as you would a precious gem or like you would your own pet. Buy some nice scented soap and bubble bath, candles, magazines, healthy foods, lotion. Whatever would help you get into the roll of knowing you are important and feeling that you matter. Small simple acts of kindness towards yourself can make a big impact when practiced regularly.

8. Practice the art of distraction. So if, like me, you need to lose a few pounds – what’s a person to do? How about doing something totally NOT related to the thing you keep beating myself up about. Like – take a painting class, go play tennis, see a play, do things you never do but always wanted to do. Aka: jump head on into life.

9. Ask for help. Nothing wrong with a little outside help. And there is plenty of it. Mentors, teachers, counselors, 12 step meetings, therapists, life coaches, eCourses, retreats, spiritual teachers, you name it. It’s there for you. Reach out.

10. Cultivate verbal come-backs. The next time you hear yourself say something self defeating – say back “So What? Who Cares! Big Deal! Why Not!”

Catherine Just

Go on, try it! These tips may bring you to a more Soul*Full way of talking to yourself and therefore a richer daily life.

And ladies, don’t forget to join Catherine and Sheri for their amazing women’s retreat March 29-April 3rd at the luxury resort Aqua Nicaragua.

Catherine Just is an award winning published photographer, gracing the cover of National Geographic and inside Oprah.com. She offers one on one photography coaching and leads Soul*Full retreats for women and the Soul*Full eCourse.
You can find out more on her website at CatherineJust.com ♥.

Picture of trust & respect complements of denise carbonell
Picture of life is about choices complements of unknown

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Florida Women's Spiritual Retreat

Honoring & Healing the Goddess Within!
Delray, Florida – LAST CALL!!
Trip Leader: Shanti Gilbert
February 9–12, 2012


Tantric Shamanism Retreat Mar de Jade

Trance Dance – Opening the Chakras to the Energies of 2012
Mar de Jade, Mexico
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
March 3-10th, 2012


The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India – NEW!
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
March 6-24th, 2012

Great Pyramid

Remembrances: Exploring the Mysteries of the Stones
Trip Leader: Samvedam Randles
March 8-18th, 2012

Women's Retreat Agua Nicaragua

Soul*Full Sisters – Spirituality & Photography by the Sea
Agua Nicaragua
Trip Leader: Catherine Just & Sheri Rosenthal
March 29-Apr 3, 2012


Lina Vallejo

Skanda Yoga Retreat – Portals of Power!
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Trip Leaders: Ken von Roenn III & Lina Vallejo
April 11-18th, 2012

Sedona Spiritual Journey

Goddess Healing Spiritual Retreat
Sedona, Arizona
Trip Leader: Shanti Gilbert
April 29-May 4th, 2012


Chichen Itza

Shamanic Healing Techniques in the Heart of the Mayan Lands
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
May 17-22, 2012


Oregon Coast

Soul*Full Women’s Photography Retreat
Oregon Coast NEW!
Trip Leader: Catherine Just
June 6-10th, 2012


A Women’s Sacred Journey to Avalon
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal & Cameron Broughton
June 14-22nd, 2012


Isla Espiritu Santo

Sisterhood, Sand & Sun!
Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja, Mexico
Trip Leader: Sheri Rosenthal
July 1-7, 2012


Feminine Power Global Community

Raising Empowered, Radiant Daughters – A Mother/Daughter Retreat!
Costa Rica NEW!
Trip Leaders: Katherine Woodward Thomas & Miriam Martineau
August 5-11th, 2012

Akashic Records Intensive

Akashic Records Intensive – Opening the Secrets of the Stones
Teotihuacan, Mexico NEW!
Trip Leader: Ernesto Ortiz
August 9-19th, 2012


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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