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WHAT’S NEW? The Four Agreements in North Georgia!

If you LOVE The Four Agreements – you’ll want to hop on up to Ellijay, Georgia in the mountains north of Atlanta, May 18-20th for an awesome mini-retreat focusing on “Living The Four Agreements: Attaining Personal Power and Freedom.” My fabulous friend, Joann Antonelli owns the absolute coolest property called The Martyn House where the retreat is going to be held.

There are glamping tents (glamping is short for “glamorous camping”) and also regular housing options. Personally I adore the tents – so fun! The retreat is $495 USD and includes a meal package (dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday, and breakfast Sunday). Lodging is separate depending on what you choose – with either single or double occupancy in our various accommodations.

Prominent thousands of years ago, The Toltec were known throughout southern Mexico as women and men of knowledge. At the heart of the Toltec teachings on personal freedom are “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz.  He believes that everything we do is based on agreements we have made – agreements we have made with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life – and these agreements control our lives.

Our personal power is tied up in our faith in what we believe about ourselves and our world and in upholding these agreements. The result of this is that we often feel powerless to change our life, with just enough energy to survive each day.

I’ll be revealing this powerful code of conduct and sharing this profound philosophy of immediate, radical transformation, which is at the cutting edge of transformational work in the world today.  If you’re ready to be liberated from old, restrictive patterns, I’ll expertly guide you through these four very powerful agreements.

By adopting these four new agreements, you will create enough personal power to change the entire belief system of your old “contractual arrangements.” By the end of this retreat you will have a deeper and more complete understanding of this masterful book and have taken your first steps toward your personal freedom!


Blessings & love, Sheri

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Soul Ambrosia –
Reset, Reclaim, Renew in Belize
February 2nd – 9th, 2018

Would You Love To:

  • Reset your daily rhythm, to calm and center your soul?
  • Reclaim your joy, to nourish your spirit?
  • Renew your connection to yourself and your passions?

Take the journey of a lifetime to the lush rainforest and tropical beaches of Belize.  Through inner exploration and outer adventures, you will calm the chatter in your brain, drop into your heart, and rediscover your soul’s passions and desires.  Allow your locks to click open, to access the boundless potential of your soul in present time.  Nourished with play and beauty, you’ll bring home the priceless tools and tricks of your Soul Ambrosia discoveries, to create more joy and fulfillment in your life with an everyday practice to continue your journey.  With amazing new retreat friends, to boot!

Soul Ambrosia offers you the chance to reset, reclaim, and renew, as you explore aspects of yourself long forgotten or never discovered.

Trip tuition: $3,495 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $4,245 USD – some meals included.

Details for Belize on Jennifer’s website!

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Finding YOUR Way on El Camino de Santiago:
A Magical, Mystical, and Miraculous Healing Journey
September 14th –25th, 2018

Has walking the el Camino been on your bucket list way too long?

But you can’t take the 2 months off from work and truth be told… you really have no desire to walk 500 miles and yet you want the sacred experience.

Walking the el Camino de Santiago is the perfect way to illuminate key areas of your life – including health, self-care, relationships, career, creative expression, and even your relationship with the Divine that are calling out to you.

Make no mistake this will be a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to connect with your soul’s deepest longing and truths. Offering you time away from the stresses of everyday life to breathe, think, feel and gain fierce clarity.

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful and fragrant lavender that lines your winding path, you release a deep sigh of relief as the fragrance soothes your body and your shoulders drop away from your ears. Bright sunlight warms your hair and you feel all the tension that you’ve been carrying for years leave your body. You smile, knowing you have an entire day to cover the next 6-10 miles. You start walking again, happy, content and contemplative. Ready to go? Then join Cara Andershock on this special journey of the heart.

Trip tuition: $4,497 USD per person double occupancy – many meals included.

Details for El Camino on Cara’s Website!

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blue-mountainsWhen times get tough the human mind tends to lean towards fear – constantly projecting itself into an uncertain future. To survive this fear, the mind calms and tricks itself into feeling safe – an illusion of control. One of the common ways we do this is by asking endless questions and obtaining information that has absolutely no bearing on creating our dream and is a total waste of our energy, focus, time and personal power.

The need to know is one of the most potent strategies of the ego-mind and while there is a place for acquiring certain information, most of our questions are totally pointless. In our quest for information (rather than wisdom) it doesn’t matter if that information is truth – just having an answer is enough to lull us into a false comfort.

For example, many times I would ask my teacher a question and be satisfied with his answer and accept it as truth. But then an hour later he would say – how do you know if what I told you was truth? Is your mind so easily stupefied? Now that your need to know is satisfied – is all well in the world? Good point – I never saw that behavior in myself! So let’s see if you engage in this type of behavior without awareness. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Do you constantly ask questions of people that you do not need to know? For example, most of us are in the habit of asking what people do for a living – but beyond that – do you really need to know all kinds of personal information about someone? Is it really your business? In conversation, do you feel that if you do not ask questions the silence will become uncomfortable? Rather than asking inane questions, consider sharing yourself instead, perhaps talking about an experience in life that made your heart sing.

Finding out personal information will not tell you who a person truly is – only what that person believes about themselves. It’s more important when creating connections with people to know who they are, not who they think they are. When you find out what is in their heart you will learn more about how they dream their life than from trying to interrogate them.

Do you ask a million questions about your surroundings when you are out and about? Asking questions about what is this and what is that will never change your life. It’s not necessary to know every detail of the places you visit. Many of us have gotten into the habit of being hyper-vigilant about our surroundings out of survival. In other words, when we were young we may have had difficult homes and we had to gather information to feel safe. A child growing up in an alcoholic home may have developed the habit of watching everything so they could stay out of the line of fire in case things became violent. But we’re not children anymore and we don’t need to know everything about everything in order to feel safe.

night-skyDo you constantly need to define everything around you to feel alright about where you are in the moment? We have a habit of naming everything around us, defining our surroundings. For example, we might be with a friend and say – “Look at that person, they look so trashy,” or “That store is awful,” “That décor is old fashioned” – and so on.

Once we have categorized everything around us we feel good and safe – we’ve got everything figured out. But do we? Just because you’ve made a story about everything and judged it according to what you believe doesn’t make it truth nor does it make you safer. It just means that you have created a lie to feel okay.

It’s important to know deeply that the entity asking the questions is not you. You are the limitless expression of spirit that is driving your body. When you connect with the power and glory of that – you no longer need to engage in all those extraneous mental activities to feel safe.

Once you know who you are, how can you feel unsafe in a reality that you know you are creating? Only in our ignorance do we feel separate, fearful and victimized by life – because we forget we ARE life. I encourage you to watch yourself and answer these questions honestly, after all – the truth will set you free.

With all my love & blessings. Sheri Rosenthal


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