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WHAT’S NEW? Only have time for a three day rejuvenation?

tina-eventSometimes  you WANT a 10 day trip to Peru however you only HAVE a three day window to reset your mind, body and soul in your schedule!

If that sounds like YOU we have a delightful little retreat for you in sunny Venice, California February 11-13th. And if you live locally – even better!

Two awesome gals – Fern Olivia Langham and Tina Paymaster – have partnered up to create this beautiful experience and if you need a quick getaway this is perfect! 🙂

Details directly below!

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Dreams on Purpose: Venice, California
February 11-13th, 2016

Tina PaymasterDuring this 2-night retreat led by master teachers and coaches Fern Olivia Langham and Tina Paymaster, you will cleanse and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul on a deep level, alongside a group of soul-centered friends. Fern and Tina will guide you in releasing your deepest fears, increasing trust in your ability to create the life you desire and expand your awareness and intuition, so you can access the divine wisdom and intelligence that surrounds you.

Through a unique chakra-balancing mindfulness practice infused with Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, breath-work and meditation, you will be guided through creative sequences to release any blockages you have been experiencing. You will also be introduced to the teachings of EFT ”emotional freedom technique” and Ayurveda, “the ancient science of life” and will come to understand how to apply these principles to restore balance in your life, career, relationships, and sustained vitality.

Highlights: You’ll be serenaded by a special sound bath while you rest your head in between rows of baby kale and dandelion greens at a secret urban farm in Venice. Each day will provide meditation, reflection and relaxation to restore your highest well-being while you experience Southern California with a supportive community! Plus, you’ll return home with a special daily practice tailored to your unique needs and goals – so you can manifest your dreams on purpose! Retreat cost: Day passes for the whole weekend: only $450!

Register On Tina & Fern’s website (make sure in the “How did you hear about us? Is there anyone we should thank?” field you let them know we sent you!)


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thinkingWhen we find ourselves faced with economic difficulties, illness, stress and intense interpersonal challenges – our default as a society is to qualify these as bad. The result of this judgment is suffering. If we are already dealing with difficult situations, compounding that challenge with judgment only makes the situation worse.

Now, not only are we dealing with a challenge, but we are compounding that by reacting emotionally to it. If the situation was not tiring enough – the emotional wear-and-tear can put us right over the edge.

So what can we do about this? Awareness is always the way – learning to identify our particular way of being in stressful times is important. Once we can see our doings and patterned behaviors to stress, we can change them. I am going to share several different patterns with you and see if you can see yourself in the following examples.

milky-wayDepression: There are those of us who lean towards depression on and off our whole lives. We are the people who feel helpless, hopeless, inadequate, sad and downhearted when things seem overwhelming to us.

Our judgments can look like this: I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this mess, I can’t change anything to make things better, I’ve worked so hard and now look where I am, I don’t have the resources to reinvent my way out of this, My life is going downhill and there is no way out, There is no one to help me, I’m so stupid to be in this mess, etc.

Anxiety: For those of us who are big worriers, anxiety is a life-long companion. We are the people who are constantly second guessing life, creating tragic scenarios in our minds, none of which have happy endings! We imagine the worst will unfold and we cannot stop our minds from proposing tales of impending woe. Often we become immobilized by our thought-forms which are so over-the-top.

Our judgments often sound like this: The housing market is yet to crash and my house will be worth nothing, The government’s economic structure is going to collapse and we will be doomed, All my stocks are going to be worth nothing, I’ll never have enough funds to retire, I can’t figure out the right choice in this situation, etc.

calm-oceanAnger: Let’s not forget those of us who are moody and irritable when the going gets rough. We are the people who have no patience for long drawn out stressful situations and we often project those feelings out onto others.

Our judgments can mimic these thoughts: Our government is filled with idiots that are ruining my life, The banking industry should be annihilated, Investment firms and stock managers should be shot. I’d love to blow up my ex-boss’s car after firing me after all these years, etc.

When you have these kinds of “negative” judgments and then suffer the emotional reactions to them, you are actually affecting your brain chemistry – further supporting the tendency to continue your current patterning. The shift in your brain function can also steal your clarity making it more difficult to see your way out of whatever situation you are currently in.

The key is to let go of what you cannot change and take immediate and pro-active action to shift what you can.

Making sure you take the time to meditate, exercise or to do anything that brings you joy and peace is critical in these times. I encourage you to be honest and recognize your patterns and see if there is anything you can do to stop your negative thinking. Try focusing on gratitude where you can find it, volunteering, helping others worse off than yourself, and remember: keep your heart open at all times!

With all my love! Sheri

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Spiritual Journey to PeruA Spiritual Adventure to Machu Picchu + Sacred Valley
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
March 31st-April 9th, 2016


Women’s Journey to MaltaWomen’s Journey to Malta’s Sacred Goddess Temples
Trip Leaders: Cameron Broughton + Sue Milner
April 28 – May 5, 2016

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