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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? LAST CALL for the Forgiveness Adventure!

Sheri Rosenthal

One of the current participants in the forgiveness program made an interesting comment to me this week. She said even if folks don’t have anything major to forgive – they should still take the course.

When I asked her why – she said that the skills she’s learning – just in the first week alone will help bring her inner peace and the ability to better deal with the chaos of life. She also shared that the awareness’ that she’s gaining will be helpful in all directions of her life.

Another participant just shared:Sheri – I am loving these videos! You have done a fantastic job clearly explaining each concept. The way you speak in a slow and animated tone makes it so easy to digest. I love that I can print the lesson and follow along with you, as well as study it afterwards. I’m so glad I signed up for this course and I’m grateful to you for putting together such a wonderful instrument to help me with my growth.

If you’re sitting on the fence – please jump off and join us! You’ll learn a lot and we’ll have a wonderful time together learning new skills and ways to be a better person in the world. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to share this very special journey with me! And at $395 for the 9-week program – it’s a bargain.

Do register for the course today: www.howtoforgive-ecourse.com/registration/

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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The Strength + Sanctuary Elixir
A Woman’s Retreat to the Mayan Riviera – April 6-10th, 2013

Women's Retreat Mayan Riviera

Join Sheri Rosenthal (your Transformational Life Coach) + and Deborah Kagan (your Sensual Lifestyle Specialist) for 4 days of delicious spa services, serious mojo + unrestrained vitality. We’ll be focusing on how to uplevel strength + sanctuary in our lives through intimate circles, ceremony, experiential exercises, and so much more! If you’ve been feeling a bit down and dragged out – for sure this is the retreat for you!

  • On this fabulous retreat you’ll learn how to make your home the ultimate no-drama-zone to keep you recharged + revved.
  • Find out the hidden places in your home that are sucking the life from your creative energy.
  • Get the low-down on how to eat healthy, micro-nutrient filled, make-your-skin-glow food.
  • Get your sensual vibe on and learn how to be totally present in that awesome body of yours.
  • Learn the power of creating sacred space and why an altar in your home is perfect for focusing your intent.

You’ll enjoy four luscious nights at the 5 star Gran Bahia Principe Sian Ka’an Hotel – all meals included, daily group sharing circles, A mini one-on-one session with both Sheri + Deborah, all transformational teachings & ceremonies by Sheri + Deborah, a Shaman Blessing ceremony + a half day excursion to a sacred Mayan ruin. WOW!

This trip is going to fill FAST because of the pricing and inclusions – so please register as soon as possible!

Trip Cost: $1997 USD double occupancy. Registration is NOW. Details for Mexico here!

Womens Spiritual Retreat Mayan Riviera

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A Magical Moment in Dharamsala with the Dalai Lama!

A magical event happened the last time I (Lisa Tully) facilitated a tour in India that I’d like to share with you. For those of you that haven’t been yet – when you travel to this sacred land something karmically begins to happen the moment you arrive!

Spiritual Journey to Dharamsala

An intense clearing out begins resulting in one’s stuff coming to the surface so it can be blissfully released. In other words it’s a bit like having your finger on the fast forward button of spiritual growth.

Leading groups in this kind of powerful energy often results in super fast growth and clearing for the group leader (me!) especially since I hold the space for the entire group. It can be quite intense as each moment carries with it yet another karmic lesson.

As I was experiencing this phenomenon in full force I kept finding banners with the following poem written by the Dalai Lama everywhere which I had never noticed before. To the extent that even when I chose a place to sit in a restaurant I found it scribbled on the wall beside me in pen!

No matter what is going on
Never give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
Is spent developing the mind
Instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Not just to your friends
But to everyone
Be compassionate
Work for peace
In your heart and in the world
Work for peace
And I say again
Never give up
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up

~ the Dalai Lama XIV

I felt as though the Dalai Lama was urging me on with these words. Then after my group left – I attended one of his public teachings with some of my monastic friends.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

As the Dalai Lama walked past us in the crowd he stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked straight at me – holding my gaze for a few moments before he nodded and moved on! As the people around me gasped in surprise, I knew in that instant he was telling me in person to never-give-up.

So it is with this encouragement from the great man himself that I steam ahead with my tours to Dharamsala, India to see the The Dalai Lama. With the seal of his loving gaze I know ever more strongly that we can make a difference, and we are making a difference to each and everyone who graces our tours with their sacred presence – as well as the Tibetan community in exile.

And for those of you currently facing challenging times and searching for strength – I hope you too find comfort in the words of this powerful poem just as I did.

All my love, Lisa Tully

Lisa Tully & monks

Feeling miffed at corporate life and all its samsara trappings Lisa handed in her notice. Money was tight, people were pessimistic but her heart was smiling. For she had a deep calling to go to India and now she was finally free to follow it. Originally she was meant to go with friends but as many group emails went by, the thoughts of sipping cool drinks on a beach in a posh resort just didn’t cut it as a dream trip to India.

She decided to go solo instead of in group, north instead of south, and Tibetan instead of Indian. A public teaching by His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama became the entire basis for the trip and for the creation of her own custom tours to India which is the love of her life right now.

Registration is NOW for Lisa’s: “The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile” journey this May 30-June 17th, 2013!

Please do watch Lisa’s video below and learn more about her amazing trip!

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Womens Retreat Hawaii

Take Your Power Back – A Women’s Retreat
Kauai, Hawaii – REGISTER NOW!
Trip Leader: Vanessa Simpkins
March 18-25th, 2013


Womens Spiritual Retreat

The Strength + Sanctuary Elixir – A Woman’s Retreat
Mayan Riviera, Mexico – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal + Deborah Kagan
April 6-10th, 2013

Spiritual Journey Spain

Embodying the Heart of the Mystic
Andalucía & Costa del Luz, Spain – NEW!
Trip Leaders: Rita Rivera Fox & Ellen Luksch
April 13-20, 2013

women's retreat sedona

Soul*Full Women’s Photography Retreat
Sedona, Arizona – REGISTER NOW!
Trip Leader: Catherine Just
April 16-21st, 2013


Spiritual Retreat Carrapateira, Portugal

Access your Dreams Retreat
Carrapateira, Portugal – NEW!
Trip Leader: Mami Veza
May 10–16th, 2013

Swimming with wild dolphins

Oneness Awakening Wild Dolphin Trip
Bimini, Caribbean – Filling Fast!
Trip Leader: Joe Noonan
May 11–15th, 2013

teotihuacan spiritual journey

Dreaming Heaven!
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Trip Leaders: Gini Gentry, Francis Rico, and Lee McCormick
May 17-22nd, 2013

women's retreat sacred britain

A Women’s Journey to Avalon
Sacred Britain – NEW!
Trip Leader: Cameron Broughton
May 23-31, 2013

dharamsala spiritual journey

The Dalai Lama & Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
Dharamsala, India
Trip Leader: Lisa Tully
May 30-Jun 17, 2013


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