About Linda:

Linda Jacobson

Artistic expression brings us in touch with our true essence. The passion of Linda Jacobson’s paintings, seminars and classes is to inspire and guide through this awakening.

Linda’s life has been committed to creative and spiritual unfoldment. She believes that creativity is a manifestation of the divine spirit flowing through us and is a powerful energy for healing and transformation. Her passion has been to share this with others through her paintings and teachings.

“Linda Jacobson’s visionary art resonates with the spirit and beauty of nature. As a teacher, she is an inspiring and nurturing guide on the path to spiritual and creative awakening.”
~don Miguel Ruiz, author of NYT bestseller, The Four Agreements

Her paintings are lyrical abstractions inspired by her love of nature and lifelong involvement in meditation, Buddhism, dreamwork, ritual, mythology and shamanism. Her visionary images strive to express the spirit, energy and beauty of the natural world as well as her internal experiences and dreams.

As a teacher she combines the ancient wisdom path of knowledge with creative exploration and play. Committed to bringing forth and nurturing the creative essence inherent in all of us, she helps each person find their own unique creative voice.

Red Mountain by Linda Jacobson

Red Mountain by Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson is a professional fine artist & award winning educator. She exhibits her visionary paintings nationally and internationally and has lead innovative seminars on the creative process worldwide for over 20 years. She was named “Instructor of the Year” by UCLA Extension.

Her work is informed by her life-long study of Buddhism, Jungian psychology, mythology and Meso-American shamanic practices and was a personal apprentice to Don Miguel Ruiz. Linda is currently a professor at Otis Art Institute as well as private classes and retreats.

Linda’s work is in numerous public and private collections worldwide. She received her degrees and studied art at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Otis Art Institute and California State University, Northridge.

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