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WHAT’S NEW? Join me in Sedona with don Miguel Ruiz!

Here’s an exciting opportunity you’re NOT going to want to miss!

sedonaI’m honored to have the opportunity to be co-teaching with don Miguel Ruiz at his Sedona event April 8-10th: The Gathering of the Shamans!

We’ll be at the beautiful Sedona Mago Retreat Center surrounded by red monoliths, Native American ruins and majestic mountains, the Retreat Center offers 163 acres of beautifully landscaped land honoring Mother Earth’s treasures. Designed to work with the natural healing energy of Sedona, you can relax and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to retreat from your usual patterns of living and learn how to harness your inner power in entirely new ways. You will return to your life with fresh vision and know how to create your own reality as the work of art it was meant to be.

Your ticket to this event includes the entire program of sessions with all of the teachers (myself included) and full room-and-board in Sedona Mago’s comfortable quarters. You will enjoy the entire spectrum of this retreat’s amenities—all included in the cost of your tuition!

Each shared room includes separate beds. If chosen, you may tell us with whom you wish to share a room, or, if you are attending alone, the Retreat reservation staff will match you with another attendee of the same gender.

Early Bird Tuition – $997
(good from October 15 – December 31, 2015)

Regular Tuition – $1,397
(good from January 1 – March 15, 2016)

Late Registration – $1,597
(after March 16th if space still available)

This event is already half sold-out so if you are interested I would REGISTER NOW!

See you there! Blessings, Sheri


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Ayahuasca & Ayni in the Andes with Dennis McKenna: Peru
Jan 6-16th, 2016 – LAST CALL!

We invite you to join us in Peru for a very special Ayahuasca & Ayni in the Andes program. We are honored and excited to present this week-long ayahuasca gathering – featuring three transformative ayahuasca ceremonies and a series of fascinating lectures by the well-known ethnobotanist Dennis McKenna, PhD – all in the luxurious rejuvenating spa environment of Willka T’ika Guesthouse.

Informed by over 30 years of research experience in the field of ethnopharmacology, Dr. McKenna’s lectures will include: An overview of ayahuasca – its botany, chemistry, pharmacology, and its traditional uses, Shamanic Medicines – an overview of the major psychedelic plants and fungi used in shamanic practices. Includes discussions of their botany, chemistry, pharmacology and current “state of the art” research on their therapeutic applications and so much more.

Trip cost: $2990 per person double occupancy for Aya Conference Only, and $3550 per person double occupancy for Aya Conference & Extension, breakfast & dinners included.

Details for Peru here


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Dealing with Fear-mongering in Politics!

night-skyAs spiritually minded people who are working hard at finding peace on earth in their own minds – it can be challenging to be barraged by the constant fear-mongering that is going on in the news today.

Personally I feel it is my job to not add to the energy of fear and violence and to live my life in an open and clear way. That means for me that I will not stop traveling the world – something that is a life-long passion. It also means I am not going to play into the hands of the media and allow myself to get upset about all of this.

The way I react to anything in my life is a choice and regardless of how much I may not agree with what is going on I don’t have to get angry about it.

In my heart I know that all spiritual philosophies and religions teach peace so this is not about religion really – it is simply the same old thing that has been going on since man has been able to use his belief system to justify whatever he wants – mostly power and control.

Hitler justified the elimination of Jews, Gypsies, and gay people – eleven million people by making people feel fearful of others and justifying his reasons for exterminating those people.

manandcloudsThe Islamic terrorists are doing the same thing. This has nothing to do with the religion, it’s about power – it has to do with the perpetuation of violence and the justification of it to eliminate others.

In response we see Mr. Trump is doing the same thing by creating fear of others living in the USA and justifying his reasons for it.

We’ve been down this road many times before and we know where this trail for power leads. I don’t have any answers for you – that is not my place – but I can encourage you to pull back from getting angry and feeding that beast, and to cultivate a place of peace inside of yourself so you can hold that space for others.

In this holiday season may you be blessed and keep your open and loving heart, Sheri Rosenthal


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Spiritual Ayahuasca Journey to PeruAyahuasca & Ayni in the Andes with Dennis McKenna
Trip Leader: Dennis McKenna
January 6-16th, 2016


Spiritual Journey to PeruA Spiritual Adventure to Machu Picchu + Sacred Valley
Trip Leader: Carol Cumes
March 31st-April 9th, 2016

Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year?
Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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