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WHAT’S NEW? The Festival of Holi

Every year on the last full moon of the Hindu lunar month Phalguna the festival of Holi is celebrated in India, and many other locations around the world.  According to Time.com Holi is “a celebration of the vibrancy of spring, fertility, love and the triumph of good over evil.”  This colorful, vivacious festival is a must-do experience.  If you’re interested in experiencing Holi in India check out one of our upcoming trips to India:

Discover the Guru Within with Meenu and Pawan Deol
India: Love in Action with Rev David Ault

Blessings & love, Sheri

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India: Love in Action in Bodhgaya & Holi Celebration in Jaipur
February 28th – March 9th, 2018

To embrace the soul of India is to embrace her unpredictability. India is an unmatched land of inspiration and frazzling journeying where you will encounter every emotion.

But, it is that wide swath of experience that makes it a cultural wonderment with sacred spirituality, devotional celebrations, and a moment by moment all-sensory adventure. One would have to devote several lifetimes to see it all. Undeniably, having been there will expand your worldview forever.

Experience a ‘Voluntour’ with Kaleidoscope Child Foundtation in Bodhgaya and celebrate the Holi Festival with Rev. David Ault on an unprecedented journey of site, sound, taste and majestic mystery. We’ll traverse the land many call the cradle of civilization, where unity in diversity continues breathing life into the paradox of modern and ancient cultures.

Trip tuition: $3,495 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $4,490 USD.

Details for the India trip!

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CAMBODIA: Unconditional Love in Action
March 16th – 26th, 2018

Join Ian Folker on this profoundly heart-opening spiritual journey of service to Siem Reap, Cambodia – home of the incredible ancient temples of Angkor Wat. To open oneself deeply, to risk feeling the suffering of others, and to wish to relieve that suffering – is the definition of compassion and the cultivation of the Buddha within us. As Gandhi once said: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Some of the highlights of this amazing journey will be….

  • Throughout the days of the tour – you will become familiar with our two school facilities. Our main campus located in Siem Reap serves more than 200 children daily.
  • You will become a part of the class room learning environment, enjoy playtime and community, discover your desired area of service and find your heart opening with connection and service while becoming a part of their lives during the course of 10 days.
  • Our newest school in the village of Nokor Krau provides additional opportunity for you to teach, share a smile, lend a hand and become a familiar presence with another 200 children.
  • You’ll be able to prepare meals, teach English or support the staff in anyway you feel inspired to do.

And so much more!

Trip tuition: $1,847 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $495 Supplement USD.

Details for the Cambodia trip!

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Awaken Your Inner Alchemist!

What is alchemy?  It’s nether wiccan or weird – although nothing is wrong with being either or both of those things. 🙂

al·che·my   [al-kuh-mee]

1. a form of chemistry and a speculative philosophy concerned with discovering methods for transmuting base metals into gold, and with finding a universal solvent, and the elixir of life.

2. any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

ALCHEMY is the art of elevating the commonplace into the remarkable. So in the most practical sense – we can say that it’s the way we can change a mundane, lackluster life into a precious one of abundance and delight. And we all have the power to become amazing alchemists as it relates to our own lives.

The key is in understanding that our word is our Philosophers Stone. The P.S. is that legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals into gold or silver. It was also sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. The philosopher’s stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss.

So why do so many folks feel like they are leading mundane lives of little value? No one is imprisoning us. Only we can use our word to limit the expression of our lives and tell ourselves what we can or cannot do. What is practical and what is not. What is allowed and what is impossible. Rather than focusing on what is not possible – the key is to get creative and focus on what IS possible.

The Philosophers Stone or elixir of life is with us all the time – as I mentioned it is our word. We don’t have to search for it – but we do need to learn how to wield it properly. One of the most effective ways of doing so is by being impeccable with your word. Considering you create your life and reality with your word – it’s wise for us to use the word to create beauty rather than creating drama. Either way it is still our creation and it is great – even if it’s painful!

For most of us, our inner alchemist is asleep and our ego-mind has taken over the job of running the show. But once we become aware that we have differed our power from our heart to our mind – we can take it back.  That’s when we begin to empower our inner alchemist and start creating from our true passion and creativity.

We all have the opportunity to create an amazing life. We all have a creative, innovative, magical Inner Alchemist inside us ready to transmute our mundane lives into abundance and joy. So let’s give up our attachment to playing small and instead create something audacious and share it boldly with others.

Blessings + love, Sheri Rosenthal


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