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Rancho La Puerta: the perfect way to love yourself!

Have you ever felt like you just needed a week to get away from it all, take care of yourself, pamper your body, quiet your mind and go back into life refreshed, with a new and inspiring outlook? I know I have, and whenever I can I follow that calling! There are so...

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Ready to Experience The Beauty of French Polynesia?

Six years ago I received a phone call from a very dear friend of mine. I hadn’t heard from him for a long time and when he asked me if I would be available over the Christmas Season to help on a service project in the South Pacific, needless to say – I got VERY...

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Journey to the End of the World

I’d like to share an incredible part of the world with you that you might not even realize exists – the southernmost tip of the Americas: Cape Horn in Chile. Chile is simply stunning. It has so much natural untouched awe-inspiring beauty – the...

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Storm Watching on Vancouver Island

As we enter the Autumn and winter months, most people start thinking of destinations with sun, beaches and tropical climates. This is a good time to think about a destination in the Caribbean or Hawaii, however, I have been known to do things that go against the grain...

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Rejuvenating in Iceland

In our March Newsletter this year, I have shared my experience of the amazing journey to Iceland I took with my son last year in Autumn. If you have a few days of vacation left, October and November are great months to spend some time rejuvenating in this awe...

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