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WHAT’S NEW? The Month of the Lion

We have gracefully rolled into August the month of the Leo represented by the strong and powerful, yet mysterious lion.  Leo’s are warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, the Leo have an air of royalty about them. Wise and observant and always soft natured until the need to do otherwise arises.

We can all try to love a little harder and focus on our goals as we enter the last month of summer- and don’t forget to give your Leo’s an extra does of love and warmth this month.

Blessings & love, Sheri

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Sogni Scolpiti – “Sculpted Dreams”
Tuscany, Italy
September 11th-19th, 2018

Spend one week surrounded by the lush scenery of olive trees in a place where you can finally learn howto break out of the confined, unfulfilling box of life that you find yourself in. No need to worry about the kids, the chaos, your boss or making dinner. Your only job is to learn how to design the life of your dreams! Reflect-Release and Refine, surrounded by women sharing the same goal, cheering you on, in beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

Begin your journey in Florence, Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance, iconic, enchanting, romantic and filled with masterpieces and monuments. Seek inspiration from galleries and museums, as you begin to design your future. Then head on over to Tuscany to release the past, surrounded by olive and cypress trees in the Tuscan countryside, where Italian hospitality awaits you. Experience a peaceful country inn as you begin to break through barriers holding you back from your highest potential. Visit medieval villages, feast in farmers kitchens and sample the region’s most outstanding wines, as you free yourself from the past.

Celebrate your achievements with pampering in thermal hot springs as you continue to be enchanted by the Tuscan countryside. Reflection, motivation and inspiration will fulfill you as you realize that you are a brilliant, capable woman returning home to live the life of your dreams.

Trip Tuition:  $3997 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $4697 USD

Details for Tuscany

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A Journey of Remembering in the Heart of Celtic France
October 21st-30th, 2018

Take the journey of a lifetime to the heart of Celtic France and its many inter-dimensional portals.Through guided meditation, astral travel, and shamanic work, you will reignite your Heart Fire, reclaim more of your True Self, and release negative programs and blocks. Step into your Self Sovereignty, realign with your Soul Purpose, and surrender to your Divine Will.

You’ll reactivate forgotten aspects of self at powerful sacred sites, such as the Cairn de Barnénez (Europe’s largest megalithic monument). Step out of time where legends were born in the Huelgoat Forest and atop Menez Hom (a small mountain sacred to the Celts, who worshiped their sun god here).

Trip Tuition:  $5,780.00 USD includes some meals

Details for France

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A Great Spiritual Opportunity

I always find it so amazing how life is so ready to challenge our favorite beliefs and ideals. Take our current economy for example. I was listening to the news the other night digesting the opinions of a round circle of “financial experts” about the coming year. At the end of the report I thought to myself – if all the millions of people who were listening believe this report and then take action in their lives based on this report, surely our economy will be exactly as predicted!

I’m not suggesting that we should ignore the economy and make choices in our lives that may not be wise. I’m suggesting that we put all the tenets we have learned on our spiritual path into practice. First and foremost – what we believe is what we create in our lives. If everyone in our country takes on the point of view that the economy be will terrible for a long time – then their actions will be unnecessarily frugal and that will affect the economy negatively. If we think positively instead and do what we need to do this year, we will be contributing to the economy and creating the outcome we would like to see.

My greatest wish is to see all spiritually minded people watch what they think and say about this economy and practice being impeccable with their word. If you understand that you create your reality with your word – then why would you want to join all the non-aware people who are repeating such fear-based words? I think we get hooked into doing so because the dream of the planet is so seductive, and the dramatic messages so catchy. There’s nothing like getting all worked up about current events and draining one’s personal power and energy.

So if you know that’s how it goes – then why play into that game? You’re not adding to the peace and serenity of our world by engaging in fear-based nonsense. I encourage you to put all your favorite spiritual tenets and laws into place. Let’s stop using our word in unhealthy ways and practice what we like to preach. Let’s take action based on the news we want to hear about our economy, rather than on what we are being fed by the media. I wish all of us a year of abundance and joy – so when faced with fear – ask yourself what love would do and take action based on that!

As always, I wish you the best on your path.

With all my love! Sheri

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