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Antico Borgo di Tignano#1 – Ladies, if you’ve been on the fence about joining our Transcend-Transform-Thrive Women’s Retreat to TuscanyLauretta is offering a scholarship discount for 2 spots on her upcoming trip September 20-27th! If you’re interested you must contact me right away and I’ll pass your info along to Lauretta!

#2 – Many folks have been asking me if they have to be an entrepreneur to join my Teotihuacan Retreat Oct 8-12th and the answer is no you do not. However – if you need a breakthrough in your life and/or business this trip will give you a totally new perspective and the tools you need to make the changes you know are necessary. So please join me!

#3 – I want to share the replay of a fabulous webinar I gave last night on Decreasing Stress + Overwhelm Using Essential Oils with my friend Diane Lefrandt. She shared excellent information and the opportunity to get a special free consult where we’ll discuss what oils would be best for you to help decrease your stress and overwhelm! This replay and offer is ONLY available until Friday night at midnight!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Unleashing Your Power, Purpose & Audacious Success!
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Oct 8-12th, 2014

  • Teotihuacan Spiritual JourneyIs your soul calling for a new direction and plan in your life?
  • Do you feel the need for a serious renovation of your mindset and limiting beliefs?
  • Ready to let go of that mental baggage you’ve been carrying around?
  • Does it seem like you’re sabotaging your career or life in some way?
  • Do you feel like you’re at a crossroad in your life and need to make a change?

If so, now’s the time to embrace the success you’ve been dreaming of, create or uplevel the business that is your true passion and purpose, and design the lifestyle that truly makes your heart sing. Now’s the time to let go of anything that’s in the way of making that audacious life a reality!

We’ll spend 3 intense days exploring and moving through the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon using the lay of the land to support our process work. A critical component of this trip will be time spent working in group and individually.

Truly the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon are two of the most amazing sacred structures in the world – pyramids designed to focus and transform energy and light. It’s the perfect place for illuminating the things that have been preventing us from expressing ourselves fully and authentically in this lifetime.

Trip investment: $1795 per person double occupancy, all meals included for this co-ed journey with Sheri Rosenthal. This trip will fill quickly as there are only 12 spots. If you are not sure if this trip is for you ring me at 727-421-0849.

Details for Teotihuacan here!


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A Year of Self-Care – Are You Making Time For You??

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence,
it is about self-preservation”
~Audrey Lorde

Nepal Spiritual JourneyWith stress being such a serious threat to well-being and peace of mind in our increasingly faster-paces lifestyles, I agree with the above statement that self-care is very much essential to preserve our health.

I am a firm believer that if something isn’t planned then it isn’t likely to happen, so I suggest planning your year in advance and scheduling self-care activities daily; weekly; monthly and yearly.

Daily Un-Plugging

What one finds relaxing is a subjective thing, but I recommend that each day, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night, we spend some time doing one thing that actively relaxes us.

Nepal Spiritual JourneyThis could be reading a fiction book, walking in nature, meditating, listening to uplifting music, doing yoga, journaling or writing affirmations or listening to a guided relaxation.

Watching TV and social media do not count, we spend way too much time staring at screens, so this is about literally unplugging and getting re-centered.

Weekly Pampering

One night a week, (I like to do it in the middle of the week on a Wednesday), I suggest taking an evening just for you. Again, unplugging is the idea as well as pampering yourself as much as possible.

I like to do some deep, slow, restorative yoga by candlelight and then take a hot bubble bath scented with essential oils, while eating ripe strawberries and reading my favorite magazines.

You might find something else to be totally indulgent, like cooking and enjoying a beautiful meal while listening to music, engaging in an artistic hobby, or simply turning your phone off and having an extra early night.

Whatever it is, setting these little regular routines of indulgence in our lives can help to reduce the build-up of chronic stress and tension.

Monthly Support

nepalSo many of us have become very good at putting others first and helping others, which is of course wonderful, but some of us don’t know how to receive graciously or ask for help.

I suggest you create your own little support team of professionals whose job it is to take care of you! These can include whatever you think you really need, but some suggestions are a counselor or therapist, a massage therapist, a nutritionist or a life-coach.

Once a month make an appointment to see one of your “support staff” and be on the receiving end for a change!

Yearly Retreat

Nepal RetreatThe years can flick by so quickly, and before we know it, several have passed in the blink of an eye and sometimes we can wonder if we are truly living the life we dream of or just getting swept along with all that we have to do.

It is so important, at least once a year, to take a big step back and spend some time really getting in touch with your priorities and vision for your life, so that you can check in with yourself and consciously create the life you desire.

Going away once a year on a retreat or spiritual journey is the perfect way to get away from it all and reflect deeply on your life. In all of the retreats I have facilitated, I believe that this is the number one reason why people want to go on a retreat and the number one benefit they experience.

At least once a year, choose that special place you want to tick off your bucket list, and go within…often in new places we discover new parts of ourselves and forgotten dreams that we are able to bring back to life.

Blessings + love, Sharee James

If you’re interested in gaining more transformational tools and insights, to bring more peace and joy into your daily life join Sharee in Nepal for Kindfulnessa Healing Retreat in the Himalayas, Oct 22-31st.

Sharee JamesTrained as a naturopath, yoga teacher, pranic healer and massage therapist, Sharee caught the travel bug in her early twenties and spent 6 years traveling the world on her own.

Out of the 20 countries that she visited on her travels, the spirituality, fascinating culture and ancient healing traditions of Nepal captured her heart and drew her back again and again. Her passion for this incredible destination led to the creation of highly specialized tours and retreats that bring together a team of Nepalese and Tibetan teachers and healers.

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Sacred Britain

Mysteries + Sacred Sites of England
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 6-15, 2014


The Heart Wisdom of Whales & Wild Dolphins
Trip Leader: Anne Gordon de Barrigón
Multiple dates: Aug 17-22, Aug 31-Sept 5, Sept 14-19, Sept 28-Oct 3, 2014

Sacred Ireland

The Magic of Celtic Country
Sacred Ireland
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
August 22-31, 2014


Tuscany spiritual retreat

Transcend-Transform-Thrive Women’s Retreat
Tuscany, Italy
Trip Leader: Lauretta Zucchetti
September 20-27, 2014

Sacred Tuscany

The Spirit of the Ancient Etruscans
Tuscany, Italy
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
Sept 25-Oct 2, 2014 – Pre & Post trip extensions to Venice + Florence


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