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WHAT’S NEW? Reaching Your Greatest Potential

One thing that has bothered me over the years is the number of heart-centered business people I see who are just doing okay in life. It strikes me odd that of the all people on earth, spiritually-minded folk who’ve been working on themselves for years – often live in lack and haven’t embraced all they can be in this lifetime.

heartIf we (I’m including myself here) believe that we create our reality, that we can move beyond fear, that we have a special mission and purpose to help others, that there’s abundance in this universe – then why are so many healers, spiritual teachers, lightworkers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs not making the income they could be and and playing full-out in the world?

I know I’m generalizing here and this does not apply to everyone – but it sure applies to way more people than it should! I have a theory – and my theory is that a good number of heart-centered business people actually don’t know how to run a business. They love helping others and they do that extremely well. But they don’t know how to build a platform for their business or how to market themselves in today’s internet economy because I think most don’t enjoy it.

However, I feel we have an obligation to serve others in the largest way possible as this is how we reach the potential that’s been gifted to us. If we don’t learn marketing, how to promote ourselves or how to run a business, then the people that are meant to find us, and be served by us, will continue to be in pain and suffer because they cannot find us. And that is very selfish of us. So next time you argue for not wanting to learn technology in your business or learning how to market – consider what I’m sharing here.

I’m not trying to get anyone upset with this. It’s just something that feels sad and wasteful to me. So much so that it inspired me create a program for heart-centered entrepreneurs to uplevel their businesses and get them out in the world the way they were meant to with their work. If this happens to sound like something you’d like to know more about email me and we can chat about it – and if not great.

However, I do appreciate you listening to my rant. 🙂

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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Highlands and Mystical Islands: Sacred Scotland
May 11-18th, 2014

Scotland Iona Abby Pilgrimage

Join Glenn & Cameron Broughton for 8 magical days exploring the energetic sacred sites and stunning natural beauty of “Bonnie Scotland.” This is an experiential journey where we’ll be spending quality time at each site to truly get a feel for the presence and energy of each place.

We visit the lovely harbour town of Oban which is set in a dramatic location in the Firth of Lorn and protected by the Isle of Mull. Moving into Glen Lyon valley in the breathtaking natural scenery of the Central Highlands we visit some sites from different periods in history that are empowered by earth energy currents.

The old capital of Scotland, Dunfermline, holds some secrets that await us. And at the end of this remarkable journey we will have a special guided tour of the Knights Templar sanctuary of Rosslyn Chapel with its many secrets and the mysterious underground cave system known as Gilmerton Cove. The tour ends at Edinburgh with a visit to Edinburgh Castle and royal Scottish city life.

By the end of our journey our hearts will be filled with sweet memories of holy wells, stone circles, faery glens, chambered cairns, an abbey, early saints churches, lochs, glens, mountains, islands, beach and ocean – plus friendships, laughter and insights! Trip tuition: £1595 based on double occupancy, single occupancy supplement: £175 – many meals included.

Details for Scotland here!


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Addiction and the Power of Forgiveness

forgivenessIn our society, we tend to look at addiction from a very limited point of view. We judge people to be addicts if they are “hooked” on drugs, alcohol, food, sex, smoking, exercise, gambling, shopping and/or work. Better said, addiction is any habitual psychological and/or physiological dependence on a substance, thought, practice or behavior that one cannot intentionally control.

For example:

  • If you can’t stop arguing with the people you love, you’re addicted to your opinions, judgment and being right.
  • If you can’t end your self-deprecating internal dialogue, you’re addicted to self-hate.
  • If you can’t forgive those you are angry with, you’re addicted to resentment.
  • If you can’t cease making a big deal out of everything, you’re addicted to drama.
  • If you can’t discontinue your need to make yourself better than others, you’re addicted to pride.

My friend Lee McCormick, founder of The Ranch Recovery Center in Tennessee, and author of The Spirit Recovery Meditation Journal: Meditations for Reclaiming Your Authenticity, shared this about his personal experience with addiction.

In the beginning I was told and believed, that addiction was not just a diagnosis; it was a definition that came immediately after my name. I learned that I needed to ask forgiveness from all those I had harmed. What I wasn’t taught was to forgive myself. Someone had to be wrong, and I was the one on trial. There was no forgiveness in that scenario.”

Forgiveness was the answer, but not coming from my self-judgment and guilt. Once I took responsibility for my actions without judgment, I forgave because I wanted to free myself from suffering and guilt as a gift of self-love and respect. Bottom line: Unconditional love is not given out of guilt and fear of judgment – and true forgiveness is love in action.”

ForgivenessTaking responsibility for our addiction to the human mind and the things that it tells us to do is a powerful action. For example, instead of saying we are addicted to substances or behaviors, we can say we are addicted to the commands the mind is giving us to hurt ourselves with those substances or behaviors.

No matter what kinds of addictions we have been engaged in, all of us deserve forgiveness for not having the awareness that we are Spirit using the mind that is thinking.

So starting today, observe your addictions. Make a list of the real reasons behind those behaviors.

  • In other words, what are the lies your mind is telling you that are compelling you to take those actions?
  • If you are a workaholic, is your mind commanding you to work hard so that you can get ahead and be appreciated and validated? If so, look carefully at those statements.
  • Is it really true that we must validate ourselves in the eyes of another to be worthy in life? No, this is absolutely a lie. We’re all worthy, and the only validation necessary is our own self-love and respect.

Blessings + love, Sheri Rosenthal


If you’d like to strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom, love, forgiveness, and compassion join Sheri in Bhutan December 7-18th for her Mastering the Buddha Nature Within journey.


Sheri RosenthalI stand for the right for every human to live an audacious life. To stop feeling trapped by jobs, relationships, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve them and are holding them back from being everything they can be in this lifetime.

To be free to create the business of their dreams, to travel, to explore the world, to have supportive amazing relationships, to be healthy and happy, to have time freedom, to learn deeply about themselves, to honor themselves spiritually, to give back, to serve the world in a huge way, to get their message out there, and to stop playing small.

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Highlands and Mystical Islands
Trip Leaders: Glenn + Cameron Broughton
May 11-18th, 2014

Sacred Britain

A Women’s Journey to Avalon
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders Cameron Broughton
May 29-June 6th, 2014


Maya Lands

Sacred Energies of Maya Lands, Awakening Our Freedom To Be In Perpetual Bliss
Yucatan, Mexico
Trip Leaders: Erika Licón + Miguel Buenaflor
June 1-7th, 2014

Wild Dolphins

Blessings of the Wild Dolphins
Bimini, Caribbean
Trip Leader: Brandt Morgan
June 15-20th, 2014

Sacred Wales

The Heart + Wonders of Wales
Wales, UK
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
June 18-29, 2014


Sacred Britain

Crop Circles and Sacred Sites
Sacred Britain
Trip Leaders: Cameron + Glenn Broughton
July 20-29th, 2014


Want to see our whole line-up for the upcoming year? Visit our Trips at a Glance page.

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