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Dear Friends,

WHAT’S NEW? Procrastination. Do you do it?

Procrastination is certainly something we’re all familiar with – who hasn’t done a bit of that in their lives? But if you make a habit of it – you are going to have a difficult manifested what you want in life. Do take a few minutes to read this weeks article by Mami Veza on the subject and post below to let me know what you think.

For you folks out there that are caretakers – you’ll be interested in this weeks video on the subject on my personal website. If you’re afflicted this this condition or know someone who is – don’t miss it.

And BTW, I hope you’ll join me this November 9-16th for a lusciously rejuvenating retreat by the sacred ruins of Uxmal!

Blessings and love, Sheri Rosenthal

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3 Steps to Overcome Procrastination, Manage Your Time, & Get Things Done

Carrapateira, Portugal Spiritual Retreat

Most of us deal with procrastination, some to a greater degree than others. If you, like many others, unintentionally find yourself procrastinating, whether it be occasionally or regularly then it is important to develop a strategy that will help you control and overcome this habit.

Putting off important tasks over and over again can be a major source of unnecessary stress. Stress that can easily be prevented by taking control of your schedule and learning how to manage your time efficiently.

How can you recognize procrastination? Procrastinating means not doing what you had planned to do and putting it off for later. You plan to focus on a certain matter, but when the time comes to actually do it, you think up another task that’s supposedly more urgent than the initial one. In most cases you end up doing things that you’re more comfortable with.

Carrapateira, Portugal Spiritual Retreat

However, procrastination should not be confused with postponing something because of circumstances beyond one’s control or prioritization, for in some cases that might also lead to putting off tasks for something that’s more important or urgent.

Procrastination, symptom or cause? Most people consider procrastination to be the root of their time management problem, this seems the most obvious conclusion. Mind you, procrastination is only a signal, the real reason lies beneath the habit of procrastination.

Let me demonstrate this: You genuinely would like to integrate exercise into your life. However, instead of working out you decide to relax on the couch, watch television or surf the Internet. On one hand, you really want to exercise because you recognize the health benefits of exercising; on the other hand, you simply cannot bring yourself to get moving. So you promise yourself to do it tomorrow because today you’re too tired and you don’t have the energy to work out. Tomorrow you postpone it again as you promised to meet up with a long lost friend. So you decide that you’ll go out for a long walk instead tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and it’s raining so you decide not to walk since it’s too wet and cold.

Carrapateira, Portugal Spiritual Retreat

Now, you may think in this example the full schedule or the bad weather is the cause of procrastination. So you decide to plan fewer activities so you’ll have more time to work out. Or you wait for the weather to get better, that way you’ll automatically feel motivated to do some sports and your procrastination problem will be solved.

However, after your schedule being completely empty and with the sun shining beautifully, you find yourself voting in favor of a few hours of relaxation in the garden instead of walking. You figure that it would be a “sin” to not take the time to enjoy the sun after weeks of rain.

So you see, your calendar or the weather were not the real cause of your procrastination. If you were to look deeper into this then you would find out that the procrastination was caused by this person’s unconscious limiting beliefs and the habitual patterns arising thereof.

The true reason for you not exercising could actually be:

• Prioritizing others over yourself. You may find yourself over-giving your time to others ending up tired and lacking energy.
• To you exercise is just another word for physical torture.
• They say that exercising is healthy and good for you, but you haven’t been able to reap the benefits personally, so to you really don’t believe it’s going to make a difference for you.
• You feel insecure about your appearance so out of fear of what others may say or even think about you, you decide to avoid the gym

Carrapateira, Portugal Spiritual Retreat

As long as this way of thinking is at the root of your procrastination any attempt to exercise will feel like an internal battle. A battle, the mind has given up on a long time before you came up with the idea of exercising. As long as you don’t start dealing with the real reason for your behavior, you won’t be unable to overcome the root of the procrastination.

The true cause of procrastination! Desire and fear are the two main forces that fuel our actions. They enable or disable us from doing what needs to be done. Desire is the fuel to go forward. Without desire, you have no driving force for action. Fear paralyzes you and prevents progress. If the desire to achieve something is greater than your fear, you will take action and do what needs to be done.

Carrapateira, Portugal Spiritual Retreat

Overcome procrastination, manage your time and start getting things done in three steps:

1. Recognize that you’re procrastinating, dare to be brutally honest with yourself. When you find yourself “making an excuse” because you just don’t feel like doing what needs to be done, this is your cue for procrastination.

2. Define the true underlying reason why you’re procrastinating . Is it you, the tasks or both? It is key to understand which of the two is blocking you from getting things done.

3. Create an adequate strategy to break the habit of procrastination. Identify a good reason for doing the task, it has to be something that inspires you and that you deeply value. Get others involved to help you commit, set SMART-goals, and break the goals down into a set of manageable tasks.

And remember: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today, there is no time like the present.”

Love, Mami

Mami Veza

Mami left her African home, overrun by civil war at the age of 11, in search of a safer country in a different part of the world. Her path in life consists of many stories (wars, living as a refugee, growing up without parents, being beaten, abused, and divorced).

Mami says: A lesson I have learned throughout all my challenges is that it’s not what is happening in our lives, but how we react to it, and the choices we subsequently make, is what determines our path in life, and the extent to which we will be able to enjoy life at the fullest as it unfolds. I believe that no matter what path you take, inspiration and self-esteem based on self-love is necessary to live up to your highest potential. Mami strives to coach and train women and men to transform personal and professional dreams and goals and turn them into action & results so they can live their best life in every way.

Registration is NOW for Mami’s: “Access your Dreams Retreat” in Portugal this June 8-14th, 2013 The pictures above are from Portugal – beautiful!

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Uxmal, Yucatan

The Clarity + Heart Elixir
Uxmal, Yucatan
Trip Leaders: Sheri Rosenthal + Rev Frankie Timmers
November 9-16th, 2013


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