Bali Spiritual Journey


We know you can travel with anyone – so you might be asking – what’s so special about Journeys of the Spirit®? Well, we feel that our spiritual journeys and retreats have the perfect combination of:  exploratory, rejuvenation & healing time, ceremonies & meditation, cultural experiences, sharing & guidance time.  In addition, we work hard to create the perfect itinerary that has that something extra special – that je ne sais quoi – or rare experience that will make your journey with us unforgettable!

In fact, a good portion of our travelers join us year after year – we consider ourselves a family and we’re waiting for you to be part of our growing circle! So even if you’re traveling solo we promise you’ll feel like you’re with old friends – ones that are like-minded and share the same desire for spiritual community as you do. Believe it or not –  I am still friends with the folks who were on my first spiritual journey and it is importation to me that you feel the same way.

We’re proud of the teachers that guide our journeys – they’re all experts in what they do and are excited to be able to share their passion.  You’ll come home refreshed and clear, empowered to create your life from a new healthier perspective.  Even more importantlyyour heart and mind will be open to whatever life has to offer you.  So please take some time to explore our journeys and don’t hesitate to email us with any questions you might have!

So what do I do now ?

Our trips are categorized by region, month and type of experience – so go ahead and pick a journey or retreat that resonates with you and join us! See the box on the right? –>

It doesn’t matter if this is your first trip – you don’t need to have read any books or have had any spiritual experiences (other than being human)! Feel free to ring us with any questions at 1-866-866-5566 and we’ll help you find the perfect adventure for you!

Want to see all the trips we’re having this year at a glance?

If you are looking for individual travel assistance do visit our sister website: Journeys of the Spirit Luxury Travel.

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