Unconditional Love In Action in Guatemala
July 30th – August 8th, 2018

With its dramatic, volcano-studded horizons, lush forests and cobblestone streets, Guatemala is an iconic destination for anyone craving beauty, culture and spirit.

Our service activities will range from village fresh water initiatives, to classroom educational support and other community needs.

In 2017 Kaleidoscope proudly joined forces with its founders Candalaria and Gregorio Garcia to deliver more than one hundred – 5 gallon fresh water filter dispensaries to 100 Guatemalan village families. These families are committed and enrolled in ongoing literacy classes both for adults and children.

Join Rev. David Ault for a special journey to Lake Atitlan to enjoy the magic of the lake and to be in service to the wonderful local people. This is a very beautiful journey of the heart and if you like to give back I would not miss it!

Trip tuition: $2,275 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy supplement: $795 USD.

Details for Guatemala!

Personal Retreat Intensives:
Customized 1:1 Experiences To Transform Your Love Life
Custom Dates Available

Finding yourself stuck in the midst of relationship woes & can’t seem to find relief?  Feeling unfulfilled by your partner or lack thereof? Longing for the days when you felt confident, happy & carefree about your love life?  Desiring to forgive but you don’t have a clue how to do it?  Wanting to finally find the one?

If any of this sounds like you, join me (relationship & divorce coach Melanie Scott) for a Personal Retreat Intensive.  Whether you’re in a relationship, fresh out of one, or longing to find one, a personal retreat intensive will jumpstart your love life.  Imagine what it would be like if you were calm and centered no matter what the status of your love life is, rather than emotional and unclear. Believe me – it is possible.

Details for Intensives here!

Creative Reboot:
Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 14th–16th, 2018

Join The Creative Revolution! Meet Sheri Rosenthal in enchanting Santa Fe for a life-changing event that will yield dividends of clarity, energy, and practical expression of your creative self.

Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way will be there as the headline speaker! Sheri will also be joined by the amazing HeatherAsh Amara and artist Flora Bowley.

Creative Reboot 2018 is held at the fabulous Eldorado Hotel & Spa, designated by Condé Nast Traveler’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards as one of the Top Hotels in the Southwest and West.

Located in the heart of Santa Fe just off the historic Santa Fe Plaza, you will enjoy a stunning backdrop view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and be within a short walking distance from restaurants, art galleries, shopping, and other attractions. The famous Georgia O’Keefe museum is located directly behind the hotel.

Event tuition: Early Bird Pricing – In effect until June 15, 2018 is $697 $497. Your room and meals are separate from the event tuition.

Details for the Creative Reboot here!

Living The Four Agreements!
Ellijay, Georgia
September 21-23rd, 2018

Is “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz one of your all-time favorite books? Could you use a relaxing “get-out-of-your-head-and-into-your-heart” refresher of all it’s juicy goodness?

This weekend is perfect for you if you:

  • Need some clarity in your life around some difficult situations or challenges.
  • Crave time to connect to the land away from your computer.
  • Want to stop getting upset because of what everyone else is doing around you.
  • Ready to stop feeling victimized by others or even your own judgmental thoughts!
  • Just need some time away to get a little clarity and peace for yourself.

Event tuition: $495 which INCLUDES dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Your lodging is separate: in single or double occupancy (we can match you with a roommate if available) in our various accommodations..

Details for The Four Agreements here!

Finding YOUR Way on El Camino de Santiago:
A Magical, Mystical, and Miraculous Healing Journey
September 14th –25th, 2018

Has walking the el Camino been on your bucket list way too long?

But you can’t take the 2 months off from work and truth be told… you really have no desire to walk 500 miles and yet you want the sacred experience.

Walking the el Camino de Santiago is the perfect way to illuminate key areas of your life – including health, self-care, relationships, career, creative expression, and even your relationship with the Divine that are calling out to you.

Make no mistake this will be a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to connect with your soul’s deepest longing and truths. Offering you time away from the stresses of everyday life to breathe, think, feel and gain fierce clarity.

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful and fragrant lavender that lines your winding path, you release a deep sigh of relief as the fragrance soothes your body and your shoulders drop away from your ears. Bright sunlight warms your hair and you feel all the tension that you’ve been carrying for years leave your body. You smile, knowing you have an entire day to cover the next 6-10 miles. You start walking again, happy, content and contemplative. Ready to go? Then join Cara Andershock on this special journey of the heart.

Trip tuition: $4,497 USD per person double occupancy – many meals included.

Details for El Camino on Cara’s Website!

Unleash Your Magic + Unearth Your Wild Power:
Sacred Britain
September 15-23, 2018

Do the fabled tales of King Arthur and Guinevere ever give you a fleeting sense of something more than just a story? Does your soul yearn to uncover the power of sacred sites to help you reclaim your deep-rooted truth as a woman?

More than just absorbing a history lesson and hopping around sacred sites, be prepared to step into magical heart living as you go deep into the energy in an unforgettable, experiential Faery Light way.

Learn to interact with the land to restore your wild power, commune with its Faery spirits to unlock the Mystery of who YOU are and co-create the dream of Avalon in your heart once again to awaken magical living in your daily world

If you’re a healer, lightworker or conscious Earth lovin’ woman who’s ready to step into your soul’s purpose, live magically and powerfully in the world, then join Diomira D’Agostino for a soul-shaking, life invigorating Faery Light retreat in Glastonbury and Cornwall, England

Trip Tuition: $3,795 USD double occupancy

Details for England

Sogni Scolpiti – “Sculpted Dreams”
Tuscany, Italy

September 11th-19th, 2018

Spend one week surrounded by the lush scenery of olive trees in a place where you can finally learn how to break out of the confined, unfulfilling box of life that you find yourself in. No need to worry about the kids, the chaos, your boss or making dinner. Your only job is to learn how to design the life of your dreams! Reflect-Release and Refine, surrounded by women sharing the same goal, cheering you on, in beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

Begin your journey in Florence, Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance, iconic, enchanting, romantic and filled with masterpieces and monuments. Seek inspiration from galleries and museums, as you begin to design your future. Then head on over to Tuscany to release the past, surrounded by olive and cypress trees in the Tuscan countryside, where Italian hospitality awaits you. Experience a peaceful country inn as you begin to break through barriers holding you back from your highest potential. Visit medieval villages, feast in farmers kitchens and sample the region’s most outstanding wines, as you free yourself from the past.

Celebrate your achievements with pampering in thermal hot springs as you continue to be enchanted by the Tuscan countryside. Reflection, motivation and inspiration will fulfill you as you realize that you are a brilliant, capable woman returning home to live the life of your dreams.

Trip Tuition:  $3997 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $4697 USD

Details for Tuscany, Italy

A Soul Full Purpose Retreat for Women:
Amalfi Coast and Puglia
September 14th – 29th, 2018

If you are a woman ready to release your fears and doubts and take a new direction that fulfills that longing to be something greater than you’ve imagined then join Gloria Coppola, your personal coach and guide.

If you are tired of the old patterns that keep you in that never ending cycle of self sabotage and frustration you are in the right place. Let’s unleash the emotional effects of your past and create a dazzling new future for yourself and attract what you love and live more purposefully!

This is the perfect environment to feel special, valued, creative and to gain clarity on your life. You will be inspired and nourished by ideas that will make your creative juices come alive; even the ones you didn’t know you had! Life will become more purposeful as you attract what you love. Watch out world…here she comes!

Trip Tuition:  Approximately $5,495 USD double occupancy, many meals included

Details for Italy

Sacred Spirit Journey to The Bosnian Pyramids
September 30th – October 10th, 2018

Harness The Energies of the Bosnian Pyramids to accelerate your ascension process, Ignite Your Soul With Passion And Purpose; Awaken To Greater Consciousness. Imagine standing on top of the Sun Pyramid, the tallest Pyramid in the world, where it has been scientifically proven an energy beam spirals up into the sky. Standing in this vortex of electrifying and transformative energies they’ll infuse your mind, body and energy field with the highest vibrations.

Spend time exploring and meditating inside of Ravne, a network of tunnels and chambers running under Visoko Valley believed to connect the pyramids. The Ravne Tunnels contain a high concentration of negative ions which help the body to move into a natural state of health and wholeness physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality.

Trip Tuition:  Approximately $3,897 USD double occupancy, many meals included

Details for Bosnian Pyramids

A Journey To The Unlimited Self:
Grand Canyon & Sedona, Arizona
October 4th – 11th, 2018

If you are an avid hiker who is looking for a unique challenge that will give you the gifts of more confidence & inner strength – then join Heather Feather for this amazing week in The Grand Canyon & Sedona.  It will make you feel strong in your body and expansive in your mind.

As you make your way down the trail to Phantom Ranch the sun is just rising up and you walk in awe at the beauty that surrounds you.  Your body feels amazing, strong and capable.  It feels so good to soak in the beauty, the warm sun on your skin and the grandiose visual experience of it all!

The expansiveness of The Grand Canyon reminds you of the expansiveness of your mind and all of the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead for you.  As you take in a deep breath the smell of juniper and fresh creek water awakens your senses and you realize all that really is possible in this life and the power you have to create your own amazing reality.

Trip Tuition:  $3,400.00 USD includes most meals, hotel stay and transportation to & from The Grand Canyon

Details for Grand Canyon

Serenity, Self-Discovery & Serious Pampering:
Sacred Bali
October 14th-22nd, 2018


If you’re a woman, who gives her all to others, who puts other first and who needs to relax and clear your mind, let go of old habits and limitations and step into your abundant audacious life– then you must join Stephanie Osborne on this journey of self-discovery.

Perched on a clifftop overlooking the Indian Ocean, the ocean winds brushing across your face taking with them, the weight of old habits and the walls of limitations which have been holding you back from leading the life you desire. You will be immersed in the practice of meditation and yoga- supported by compassion, as you listen to the call of your own inner yearning.

Immerse in the cultures of Bali, and some well deserved pampering, as you spend your first five restful nights in the comfy cottages of the Bagus Jati-a complete health and well-being center in the Balinese capital of Ubud. Take comfort in your own oasis, cut off from the world, surrounded by lush, colorful hillside gardens, meandering pathways and soothing greenery. A retreat fit for a goddess encouraging you to explore Balinese culture and indulge in exquisite Balinese cuisine, followed by luxurious pampering and soulful exploration as you discover the goddess within you.

Trip Tuition: $3,849 USD double occupancy, $1,195 USD single occupancy supplement. Deposit of $750 USD due to reserve your space.

Details for Bali

Unveiling the Masterpiece of You
Florence & Tuscany, Italy
October 14th-22nd, 2018


If you’re yearning to sculpt a new life for yourself, eager to step away for a fresh perspective and time to explore. Ready to drop old excuses and limitations, set to dive deep and reveal the radiant truth of who you are – Then join us in Italy, as we provide you the tools to clear away the facade and reveal your radiant self.

You will immerse yourself in a front row seat to one of Mother Nature’s most wondrous miracles- the most vivid array of colours, breathtaking sunsets, and the vibrant energy of one of the most magical places on earth. The heart of where great historical change and rebirth happened, when all of Europe transitioned from the Old to the new.  The place where you will too!

During this TRANSFORMATIONAL retreat, you will practice the Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset, supported with TOOLS to help you uncover what is truly possible for yourself.  Clear away all that has not been serving you and live more joyously from a place of absolute truth and reveal your true self.  Surrounded by the magical landscape a charming and beautifully restored 200 year old farmhouse and barn are a hilltop hideaway with commanding views of the Tuscan countryside. Here you will be surrounded by love and support, and indulge in authentic italian cuisine.

Ignite your creative emotions, heighten your senses and stir your passions. Enjoy free time to enjoy a game of tennis, a mountain bike ride, exploring the olive groves or lounging by the salt water pool. Nourish your soul as you desire and begin to practice the self- care you have been lacking. With support and guidance you will explore your creative practice through artistic wonders, reiki awakenings and art tours and learn to appreciate all that you are through your spiritual practice. Your pillars of support and authentic living are at your fingertips.

Trip Tuition: $4297 USD double occupancy, $4997 USD single occupancy. The first six participants save $500.

Details for Italy

A Journey of Remembering in the Heart of Celtic France
October 21st – 30th, 2018

Take the journey of a lifetime to the heart of Celtic France and its many inter-dimensional portals. Through guided meditation, astral travel, and shamanic work, you will reignite your Heart Fire, reclaim more of your True Self, and release negative programs and blocks. Step into your Self Sovereignty, realign with your Soul Purpose, and surrender to your Divine Will.

You’ll reactivate forgotten aspects of self at powerful sacred sites, such as the Cairn de Barnénez (Europe’s largest megalithic monument). Step out of time where legends were born in the Huelgoat Forest and atop Menez Hom (a small mountain sacred to the Celts, who worshiped their sun god here).

Trip Tuition:  $5,780.00 USD includes some meals

Details for Celtic France

Mastering the Tao Nature Within:
Wudang Mountain, China

November 5th – 17th, 2018

Spend two weeks learning the method to ultimate balance with the most prestigious spiritual leaders in the Eastern world. Join Terry Hodgkinson for a powerful journey focusing on the art of Tai Chi, which will bring clarity and calm to your mind. The art of Qigong will be introduced into your lifestyle, enabling you to find your true self and place in this world. Taoist meditation will clear your energy body and have you feeling more rooted to the earth.

Wudang is located in Central China’s Hubei Province and this location houses thousands of years of Taoist practice. The atmosphere is an equal balance of man and nature, sure to awaken your inner Tao.  Experience the summit monasteries, inhale the aroma of medicinal herbs and indulge your spirit into the birthplace of martial arts, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and old growth forest.

Magnificent buildings of ancient Chinese design and thought are located all over the mountain and there are more than 2,000 Palaces and Temples, making this complex the world’s largest Taoist Center. Delicious chinese cuisine based on Taoist principles nourishes your body as you soothe your mind-leaving your anxiety and stress behind you. Finding the happiness, balance and peace you have been searching for.

Trip Tuition:  $2697 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $3397 USD

Details for Wudang, China

Awaken Your Inner Guru:
Rishikesh, India

November 19th – December 1st, 2018

Have you been thinking … “Where can I go where all parts of my being come alive… where my mind, spirit, soul and body vibrate with life and color?” “How can I open myself up to an endless world of possibilities?” “Does a place like this exist?” Our answer to you is: YES! and this place is INDIA!

India brings alive the colors of life and blends them together into a fine tapestry of joy never experienced before. Imagine yourself talking with some of the most sought after spiritual gurus. Contemplate the cleansing joy of bathing in the mountainous sacred Ganges river, in one of the most holy of lands. Fantasize about witnessing the edifice of LOVE: the Taj Mahal and realize the true nature of love and beauty. All of this awaits you and so much more on our trek to India!

This unique retreat with Terry Hodgkinson possesses the tools and experiences you’ve been looking for to makes the life changes you know you need to make now. India’s soil is rich in energy and practices that will reshape your thinking and completely change your world.

Trip Tuition:  $3197 USD based on double occupancy, single occupancy: $4087 USD – many meals included.

Details for Rishikesh, India

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