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GIFT #1: Here’s your coupon to be used for any of our amazing inspirational adventures (priced over $1000.00 USD).

Coupon #101011 does not expire – but we hope you can join us soon! If you have any questions or need assistance finding you the perfect trip – let us know.

GIFT #2: WITH Forgiveness ~ Are You Ready? teaches you how to put compassion and unconditional love into action in a practical and understandable way.

In WITH Forgiveness, we explore the many areas of our lives where forgiveness is needed. Some of these topics are challenging; others may be surprising, and many may have gone unnoticed in your life – until now.

Each chapter includes exercises, and affirmations to help free you from any resentment and anger you may be holding towards yourself or others.

Once you’ve mastered the art of forgiveness, you’ll experience yourself as the creator of your own experience – and no one will be able to have power over your emotions again.

Here is the link to our wonderful With Forgiveness 52-week workbook

With Forgiveness

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