Spiritual Healing

Most indigenous cultures believe that illness has a spiritual component. Thankfully, there’s been a resurgence in our “modern” medical culture, of using prayer and other non-traditional healing therapies (meditation, reiki, etc) – which is very exciting. True wisdom comes from being open and not rejecting one point of view over another – but instead, to use our traditional medical therapies along-side-of non-traditional modalities.

On our Spiritual Healing journeys you’ll have the opportunity to avail yourself of treatments you would not normally be exposed to at home. We know there are no guarantees in anything we do in life – but if you’re looking to explore a more spiritual approach to your illness – these journeys will be very special for you.

The Villa Sumaya – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The Villa Sumaya – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Villa Sumaya – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala The Villa Sumaya is an Eco-Chic Wellness Center majestically located on the shores of Lake Atitlan and I had the great pleasure of visiting this amazing place during my 3 week journey through Central America. The location is one...

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