Crafting Your Story – A Writer’s Retreat
October 2nd-8th, 2022
Sedona, Arizona

Do you need inspiration or guidance to write your special book?
You can feel it…that book that’s been calling you… the one that lights your soul on fire!

Join bestselling, award winning author, life and story development coach, Gloria Coppola in Sedona. Gloria enjoys working with aspiring new writers or those who want to improve their creativity. The energy of Sedona will ground you in your purpose and lift you up to access a higher level of consciousness perfect for writing! And using “breathless writing techniques” (and other awesome tips and tools), your words will flow across your paper.

Together we’ll overcome your fears, find the essential purpose of your message, and improve the emotional engagement in your story! Plus, you’ll have the time and space to connect with your inner voice and nature.

We’ll be staying at the beautiful holistic sanctuary of Sky Rock Inn – so if you’re looking to take some time for yourself to clear the chaos in your head, and explore your creative-side while enjoying inspiring adventures – then this retreat’s for you.

Trip Tuition: See website for pricing.

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Change your Mindset…Change Your Life
October 16th – 22nd, 2022
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

If you’re a driven and ambitious woman who is seeking to create balance, let go of self judgements, and create daily rituals that will strengthen your connection with yourself and others, join us for a transformational retreat in San Jose del Cabo where you will walk away with clarity, confidence, and serenity.

Imagine awakening to the sounds of nature, the scent of jasmine drawing you out of your room to a beautiful rainbow of blooms, the ocean and mountains all within your viewing range. Begin each morning with meditation and connection with your breath, reducing anxiety and stored emotions and setting your mindset for an amazing day of activities.  Yoga will be provide twice a day to support strengthening the connection between body and mind, as you immerse yourself in this time to connect with new friends, reveal your true self without judgement and expectation. This is your time to be just who you are.

Experience serenity as you are guided through meditation and processes to close the door on regrets and release negative thoughts, altering your mindset to a space of inner peace. Enjoy connection with nature, time on your own and most importantly away from electronics as you pamper yourself and learn ways improve self-love, letting go and embracing that which serves you. Recharge and transform with wholesome meals, positive energy, moving your body and challenge yourself to break free of limiting beliefs.

This is your retreat, a time to withdraw to a place of safety. A place to explore and find comfort in yourself and in connecting with the spaces which surround you.

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy $3071 – $3176 USD, Single Occupancy $3454 – 3663 USD. 

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Kachina Woman – Gives the Gift of Conception
November 7th -13th, 2022
Sedona, Arizona

Can you envision yourself genuinely happy? Free of stress and worry and empowered to create the life you’ve always dreamt of?

How wonderful would it be to manifest your long awaited dreams, whether that’s conceiving the best you?​

How liberating would it feel to finally discover the keys, no matter what your circumstance, to manifest your highest wish into form?​

This retreat is designed for anyone who is desireous of becoming the greatest version of themselves… whether you are birthing your best self or a physical child. Together we’ll discover the transformational energies of the potent Sedona vortex sites. Each having their own unique vibrational offering that supports us on our Joyful Journey from conception, to gestation and ecstatically birthing the greatest version of ourselves!

Our elegant Moon Dance Retreat House is nestled very close to CATHEDRAL ROCK Vortex. The beautiful Oak Creek is just a short walk away, where we have private creek access to the serene, cleansing waters. We’ll carve out the spaciousness to enjoy some special time at the creek. We will enjoy the gentle, receptive, and loving energies of the Divine Feminine essence that Cathedral Rock so beautifully emanates. Inviting each to open to a receptive place, where we can claim our birth-rite of absolute worthiness and deservedness of all that is good!  We’ll begin our adventures with the KACHINA WOMAN vortex, which offers a very balanced energy of the masculine/feminine. Here, each of us will humbly ask for the gift of conception.  And on the last full day of our deep and joyous time together, we will make our way to the BIRTHING CAVE where each will give birth to the most fabulous version of themselves, ECSTATICALLY!

Trip Tuition: Early Bird pricing thru September 1, 2022 $2,395

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Revive & Renew In A Costa Rican Oasis:
December 5th – 9th, 2022
San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica

If you are ready to embrace a healthier and more balanced life while experiencing a sense of renewal and transformation in mind, body and spirit, then join  Caesar, Samdra and Dahiana in Costa Rica for 5 days of rejuvenation in the midst of the sheer beauty of Planet Earth.

There comes a time when finding respite from the craziness of everyday life is no longer an option, but a necessity. This retreat is your sanctuary to recalibrate your mind in an oasis of calm, and experience transformation that permeates with new possibilities.

Spend four glorious nights in the Alajuela Province, Town of El Salvador at the Vida Mountain Resort & Spa, a truly magic getaway in the scenic mountains of Costa Rica.  Undergo deep transformation as you indulge in an exquisite dining experience with every meal prepared with seasonal local produce. Reconnect with nature and increase your awareness and all of your senses, emerging refreshed, renewed, relaxed and ready to go back into your busy world more energetic and effective than ever!

Give yourself a break, respite from daily routine and be exposed to new things. Paradise is waiting for you!

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy, Pool Front Rooms $2897 USD, Single Occupancy, Pool Front Rooms $3297 USD. Prices will increase on January 1, 2022.

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A Women’s Journey to the End of the Earth…
Chile and Argentina
March 5th – 15th, 2023

Imagine waking to the amazing scenery of the Pampas of Patagonia, the wind taking away your worries and filling your soul with a refreshed purpose to chase your dreams.

It is time for adventure, to fulfill that yearning deep inside you, to do something more, and to manifest excitement and fulfillment into your life. It is time to stop doing what you think you should do and reconnect with yourself, on a Wild Thing Expedition.

We’ll explore, oceans, mountains and glaciers, beginning in Chile and then crossing Patagonia the border to Argentina.  Visit the Torres del Paine National Park, known for its soaring mountains, the famous Perito Moreno Glacier and be amazed by the beauty of El Calafate.

Come let your dreams soar on the winds of Patagionia with Wild Things Just Like You!

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy in twin yurt room,$6997 USD, Single Occupancy $8057 USD, based on availability!

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Personal Retreat Intensives:
Customized 1:1 Experiences To Transform Your Life & Business
Custom Dates Available

Finding yourself stuck in your personal life and business and don’t know which way to turn?  If you know your life can be so much better and more fulfilling than it currently is – but you can’t seem to get out of your current “situation” – a personal intensive is just the experience to help you make that shift and start bringing in the winds of change.

We all find ourselves stuck at some time or another. We know where we want to be, but we just can’t seem to figure out how to get there. I get it, I’ve been there too. Maybe you’ve been staying in your current relationship too long, or you know you should be leaving your job and starting your own business but you don’t know how to start – or you have a business and it isn’t growing like you know it should be (and you suspect it’s something inside you that is holding you back).

Whatever the situation, if you’re feeling stuck and need a change, join me (Sheri Rosenthal) for a Personal Retreat Intensive.  Imagine what it would be like if you had the clarity to take positive action in your life and finally move past where you are sitting right now. Believe me – it is possible.

Details for Intensives here!

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