Escape to Barbados
February 20-27, 2022

If you’re a busy female executive or working mom, putting our fires and tending to everyone’s needs but your own and you desperately need time to unwind, re-align, and elevate your self-care practice – this 7-day luxury wellness experience in Barbados will give you the time, space and skillsets you need to return home refreshed and refocused.

It’s difficult to let go when you’re juggling work, relationships, family, and aging parents. This is time for YOU, and YOU alone: to sleep, read, rest, restore, and relax. This is time away from stress, work, distraction, technology, and your to-do list. Imagine walking up refreshed, having coffee, and a delicious breakfast served to you on the lush veranda.

This retreat provides you with gentle guidance and tools to help you reflect on your priorities, self-care practice, and relationships. Your retreat journal guides you to re-examine your relationship with your body, movement, mindfulness, and nutrition. Using the “3 C’s” (Curiosity, Clarity, and Consciousness), you’ll learn to bridge the gap between your thoughts and choices – your intention and commitment – towards manifesting your healthiest and most vibrant life. You’ll walk away with a process for creating a compassionate self-care practice that you’ll employ successfully on this retreat and for years to come.

Trip Tuition: $3875 – $4975 USD based on room type.

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A Women’s Journey to the End of the Earth…
Chile and Argentina
March 5th – 15th, 2022

Imagine waking to the amazing scenery of the Pampas of Patagonia, the wind taking away your worries and filling your soul with a refreshed purpose to chase your dreams.

It is time for adventure, to fulfill that yearning deep inside you, to do something more, and to manifest excitement and fulfillment into your life. It is time to stop doing what you think you should do and reconnect with yourself, on a Wild Thing Expedition.

We’ll explore, oceans, mountains and glaciers, beginning in Chile and then crossing Patagonia the border to Argentina.  Visit the Torres del Paine National Park, known for its soaring mountains, the famous Perito Moreno Glacier and be amazed by the beauty of El Calafate.

Come let your dreams soar on the winds of Patagionia with Wild Things Just Like You!

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy in twin yurt room,$6997 USD, Single Occupancy $8057 USD, based on availability!

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Journey to Putting Yourself First:
March 21st – 28th, 2022
Bali, Indonesia

If you’re a woman who’s ready to start thinking of herself first without guilt, and replacing that empty feeling (that should be filled with your heart’s desires!) with simple steps to achieving your personal goals – then you’ve got to join Denise Marsh in the healing land of Bali!

You’ll create your personal blueprint to living in a state of well-being, with true purpose and love. Learn to let go of fears while you engulf yourself in the spiritual energy and power that awaits you in Bali.

Embark on a journey filled with all of Bali’s hidden and not so hidden treasures.  From breathtaking waterfalls and a monkey forest – to the sacred temples of Bali – your heart, mind and soul will be rejuvenated.

Create a concrete plan of action, fall in love with yourself again, and build new-found grit to take home with you in a supportive, caring and compassionate setting with other women just like you!

Come fall back in love with your life in Bali!

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy $4394 USD, Single Occupancy $5184 USD

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Discover Your Creative Voice, An Inspiring Journey Through Portugal
May 7th – 14th, 2022
Lisbon, Portugal

Join us in the land of tile frescoed buildings as we set off on a journey to get inspired! Explore the national tile museum with one of the largest collections of tile and mosaics in the world. Discover ancient palaces steeped in history, visit a century-old textile factory in the heart of the countryside, and weave your way through artisan markets!

Along the way, we’ll lead you through creative prompts as we take time to sketch and draw inspiration from the beautiful places we visit. Our talented guest artist Kara Aina will share all her tips on how to “art on the go” and has designed custom workshops just for us from her signature watercolor florals, to Portuguese patterns and landscapes!

If you are looking to explore your creative side, whether a beginner or seasoned artist, this experience is for you!

Our adventure begins in the diverse city of Lisbon where we’ll tour the old town with all its history, visit a vibrant women’s art collective in the heart of the city, and learn how to paint keepsake traditional tiles, the perfect souvenir! Our journey continues to the eccentric town of Sintra, famous for its eclectic palaces and botanical gardens, and we’ll get to explore both the Pena Palace and the Monserrate Palace with time to sketch and art journal while surrounded by nature. Next we’ll travel to the countryside and the historic town of Evora, known for its small authentic feel and medieval ruins. Here, we will stay at the Casa do Governador, with its beautiful casitas set among the vineyards as we explore all the countryside has to offer.

If you’ve been looking to take some time for yourself to reconnect and explore your creative-side with an awesome group of women, consider this your invitation!

Trip Tuition: Double Occupancy $3,895 USD, Single Occupancy $4,395 USD

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Personal Retreat Intensives:
Customized 1:1 Experiences To Transform Your Life & Business
Custom Dates Available

Finding yourself stuck in your personal life and business and don’t know which way to turn?  If you know your life can be so much better and more fulfilling than it currently is – but you can’t seem to get out of your current “situation” – a personal intensive is just the experience to help you make that shift and start bringing in the winds of change.

We all find ourselves stuck at some time or another. We know where we want to be, but we just can’t seem to figure out how to get there. I get it, I’ve been there too. Maybe you’ve been staying in your current relationship too long, or you know you should be leaving your job and starting your own business but you don’t know how to start – or you have a business and it isn’t growing like you know it should be (and you suspect it’s something inside you that is holding you back).

Whatever the situation, if you’re feeling stuck and need a change, join me (Sheri Rosenthal) for a Personal Retreat Intensive.  Imagine what it would be like if you had the clarity to take positive action in your life and finally move past where you are sitting right now. Believe me – it is possible.

Details for Intensives here!

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