5 Keys to Embracing Change Without Anxiety!

  • Does it seem like your life is rapidly changing and you can’t keep up?
  • Are you feeling a constant low level of anxiety?
  • Is your mind feeding you a steady diet of “what-ifs?

If so – then you’ll want to join author and inspirational speaker Sheri Rosenthal and
Samvedam Randels; psychologist, spiritual teacher and retreat leader for a FREE video-class on . . .

“5 Keys to Embracing Change Without Anxiety!”
Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Samvedam Randalls

On this powerful video, Sheri Rosenthal will be chatting with with Samvedam Randels; psychologist, spiritual teacher and retreat leader! You’ll learn how to deal with your anxiety, why transitions are key to your spiritual growth, and how personal and group consciousness affects your emotional state.

In addition you’ll gain tools for staying centered during these shifting times. Samvedam will be sharing the benefits of sacred travel and why it is so important in these turbulent times. She’ll also be sharing with you details about her upcoming journey:

Remembrances: Exploring the Mysteries of the Stones – March 8-18th, 2012, and how you can join her for a life-changing experience!

If you’re ready to restore balance and lead the powerful, inspirational life you were meant to have,
you’ll want to make it a point to get access to this FREE video.
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