How to Find Your Peace in a Sea of Uncertainty!

Ready to move beyond old ego-centric paradigms?

  • What can I do about the high anxiety caused by these unstable and uncertain times?
  • How do I get unstuck and free of the anger, self-criticism, despair and frustration I often feel (even though I know better)?
  • When stressed & pressured, how can I keep positive and focused on my connection to Spirit?
  • Why do I still feel unfulfilled in my life even though I’ve studied new thought consciousness for years?

If so – then you’ll want to join renowned author, shaman & artist Fu-Ding Cheng and shaman-ess, artist, & teacher extraordinaire Linda Jacobson for a FREE teleclass on . . .

“How to Find Your Peace in a Sea of Uncertainty”

Fu Ding Cheng

Fu-Ding Cheng

On this info-packed call, Sheri Rosenthal will be interviewing Fu-Ding and Linda on this critical subject. Linda and Fu-Ding believe: We don’t have control over the madness of the world, but we have infinite control over how we choose to react to it! By the end of this call you will have a deeper understanding of how you can feel comfortable in an uncertain and rapidly changing world

On this groundbreaking call, you’ll learn how to . . .

  • Transform fear-based emotions through divine alchemy into personal fulfillment
  • Be vigilant against the most devastating of our demons, the inner Judge and Victim.
  • See challenges of life as part of your “Hero’s Journey,” and use archetypes to transform your personal dramas into universal mythology.
  • Utilize shamanic wisdom to gain “clarity of intent,” and manifest your dreams.
  • Shift your perspective from ego to your God-self.

Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson

Fu-Ding and Linda will also be sharing with you details about their upcoming event: A Shamanic Portal to 2012, and how you can join them on an amazing trip of healing, transformation, and self-empowerment!

If you’re ready to restore balance and lead the powerful, inspirational life you were meant to have,
you’ll want to make it a point to be on this FREE call.
Can’t make the call? That’s okay.
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